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Yumi and the Nightmare Painter had a nice ending until there was an epilogue and it just uprooted the whole thing. So I ended it with mixed feelings but mostly disappointed. I liked the ideas and pretty much nothing else. I started listening to One Dark Window after that, which is turning into a castle romance so I’m not super invested. Not my kind of thing. I thought it wouldn’t be about courting and mysterious dark knight that turn out to be easily-enamored softies. But oh well. I’ll probably finish it. Sunken cost and all that. And I’m reading Equal Rites which is cute and fun and reads like a breeze, I’m already in 40% just after two train rides hahah

And I paid a deposit for an apartment. So yeah. Big changes and all that.

I hope you’re enjoying the comic!


13 comments on “Cold one it is”

  1. Doom Reply

    Poor Sofa Cat. It was highly unlikely this situation would end any better for her than it did, but it’s still sad that she didn’t acquire the romance she wanted.

  2. Thisguy Reply

    Bout what we expected. But, and I hate to put it on Rob, but he IS kinda in a leadership position in this camp, and Sofia’s well-being is part of his responsibility. So, Rob really needs to sit down and tell Sofia in no uncertain terms that he is Not interested, that he can’t be what she needs, and she really needs to look elsewhere, or something. Talk to the others etc…

    Otherwise Sofia is going to do something really stupid, and it’s probably going to be trouble for Rob, and maybe everyone. Especially now that everyone’s making magic deals and the like. Damage radius for stupid decisions just got bigger.

    • Refugnic Reply

      This isn’t about being in a leadership position or about the camp. This is about personal feelings between (more or less) responsible adults.

      I agree with these people needing to sit down and talk. Not as ‘leader and subordinate’ or something, but as responsible adults. Otherwise the fallout is not going to be pretty.

      • Thisguy Reply

        I mean. If they weren’t struggling to survive in a demon infested world, I’d say that it’s not Rob’s responsibility to say or do anymore. His intentions are pretty clear to all but the most thick-headed, love obsessed people, and while a clear “NO” might help, for such people it often won’t matter, and he would be under no obligation to do anything more. Assuming he could just ignore her and leave her out of his life.

        Of course, he IS in demon infested world, struggling to survive. Though I suppose you’re still right, leader or not, he should have done something more to ensure that a potentially heartbroken girl doesn’t go wandering out to say ‘hi’ to the nearest demon. Or something worse.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    A grab, a yank, a wiggling cat!
    The situation’s been defused!
    That’s 1:0 for Ada’s pet,
    consider it ‘refused’.

    Hardly he can bear to look,
    the offer forced on him.
    A single blow is all it took,
    this ship will sink, not swim.

    ‘Wait’ she cries, ‘please do not run!’
    in an attempt to break back free.
    But in a heartbeat, he’ll be gone,
    No talk today, he chose to flee.

    ‘The shower is all yours,’ he said,
    and went his merry way.
    For it’s not you who’s in his head,
    it’s truly not your day.

    Little kitten in a shower,
    embarrassed to the bone.
    Jealous of her rival’s power,
    who’d rather be alone.

  4. Alex Reply

    Oh yes, Equal Rites is fun! 😀 Also deep. Definitely a good choice. I want to say more but I won’t.

    Did Rob just put the “Hot Dawg” shirt on Sofia? That’s kinda fitting. 🙂 Here’s to hoping that they’ll talk it out a little bit.

  5. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    I wonder if she mewd when he stuck the shirt on her…

  6. Treviisolion Reply

    Oof, that sucks. Clearly this was not the right approach to take with Robb. I feel bad for both of them, Robb for having been unwillingly put in a situation he clearly did not want to be in, and Sophie for having taken such a big risk and getting shut down hard and ruining what little relationship they did have. Still, she really should not have done that. Walking in on people after having been told not to come in is not okay.

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