Look at me

Is it too late to say that this page is probably NSFW? It’s NSFW.

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Well, then. This is probably the most nudity you’ll see in this comic. I guess butts are still PG13 nowadays? I dunno. Close your eyes if you’ve never seen a butt before, or something.

I’m doing okay, in case you’re wondering. The good thing among everything that’s been going on is that I was in the middle of an apartment hunt when my uncle passed away and so I’ve been extremely distracted by loans and contracts. I think I found a place I want, we’re still waiting to sign the contract. Then wait some more to get the loan. Then even more to renovate (it’s a second-hand apartment and we want to fix some things). Still, I’m happy. Very stressed too (because it’s obviously a big financial decision), but mostly happy.

I finished reading The Thorn of Dentonhill and it was fun! It’s your standard, fast-paced fantasy adventure. Think Batman but with magic. There are drugs and street-gangs and revenge. I’m also still reading Yumi and the Nightmare Painter (one of Sanderson’s kickstarter books) and I can’t recommend that one, I think… 70% and we still don’t know what the plot is, the book is mostly about eating noodles and being embarrassed about seeing someone of opposite sex naked. I don’t like YA (young adult) books in general and I don’t like Sanderson’s way of doing YA even more. So yeah, not for me, although I appreciate the ideas and the visuals. I think I’ll pick up some Pratchett next in the end, but if you read some funny/absurd books, do send them my way! I’ll need some newer ones for comp titles.

My own writing is slowly progressing as well. I’m almost done with the second draft of my next novel and will probably want to give it to some people and see if it makes sense to anyone else than me… I’ll probably need to start working on something else before I do that, though. I have some strong feelings about this book and I don’t think I’m ready to get my soul crushed by feedback just yet hahah Writing is damn hard.


25 comments on “Look at me”

  1. Shimo Reply

    Some might *ahem* pay to see actual *ahem* nudity in this comic…
    Ya know… like on Patreon or something…

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah I figure, but I’ll draw that only if I feel like it, and it doesn’t seem to happen often hahhaha I used to draw lots of nudes in realistic style (nice artsy nudes) but anime girls… meh, I dunno. I think I saw too much terrible, terrible porn here in Japan and it somehow broke any enthusiasm I had for that kind of thing. Some shops in Akihabara really make your eyes bleed.

      • Alex Reply

        Hahaha now you’ve made me curious! I wonder if it’s even worse than the stuff you have to sift through when you’re browsing those various booru-imageboards, because I used to think that the worst of the worst stuff can only be found on the internet and not in shops where people have to make the decision to add it to their shop’s official inventory. Their book-keeping must look like it was copied from a South Park episode or something. Just imagine going through everything during the annual accounts and talking about which title sold well and which didn’t, and which artists are applying for some shelf-space. 😀
        “We sold a lot of ‘Tentacle monsters visited my sister’, but not enough ‘Rabid nun —-s a —- in the —-‘, and this new title ‘—– master —– a —– on —–‘ sounds really promising.” (I made all titles up.)

        Could you maybe take some photos (if the shopkeepers allow it)? XD

      • Thisguy Reply

        Only do what you’re comfortable with. Though I could easily imagine your characters bathing in some secluded pool somewhere

  2. JW Reply

    Y’know, I was already tempted to comment “nice butt” last comic, when she still had shorts one.
    But it looks quite nice without the shorts as well.

    I also like it’s not too fanservicey. The story asks for it, and it’s tastefully done.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    What Did Laura write on that shirt? Anything from possibly shipping him with Sofia (for Added shock value now) to Detailed demon decapitation.

  4. Alex Reply

    Wow, I did NOT expect that I actually called this on page 66. I mean I know she’s bold but daaaaaaamn!

    But honestly if a guy isn’t interested after you’ve made him food it’s unlikely he’ll change his mind even if you undress. I know there’s the cliché of the perpetually horny guys (and Sofia did meet these types way back) but when we’re talking about serious relationships things are different.

    Well, even though it looks like this is going to end in tears after Rob turns her down, a part of me hopes for the plot twist that he’ll actually start dating her and then we get to see how Ada reacts when she finally has serious competition again. Though he does need to keep his wizard powers so there are limits to what they can do, but where exactly are they? Is she already unintentionally damaging him just by suggesting showering together? Which “base” is the critical one?

    • Refugnic Reply

      As drifter suggested, ‘Robert has found power outside of Ada’s court’.
      He’s not a virgin either, as far as we know.
      As such, ‘purity’ is not a prerequisite for him to keep using his powers.

      Where exactly Rob draws his powers from (and whether it will kill him down the road) remains to be seen.

      As for ‘guy not being interested in you after you made him food’…weeell…there is a bit of a trope that the nice (but still pretty) girl is seen as ‘someone to protect’ (like a little sister) instead of someone to date.
      Her undressing in front of him like this may well be the much needed shift in gears. To make him see that Sofia’s actually serious about wanting to be with him.

      I do not see this ending well for either of them though.

      • Alex Reply

        Oh, I forgot the drifter said it has nothing to do with purity and such after all.
        But since Rob probably doesn’t know about that yet, he might be worried about that right now.

        I just can’t find the part you mentioned about Rob being in a different court.

        “weeell…there is a bit of a trope that the nice (but still pretty) girl is seen as ‘someone to protect’ (like a little sister) instead of someone to date.”
        Really? I didn’t know of that trope. Also, since you used the word “trope” specifically, does that mean it happens mostly in movies and such (and could therefore apply to comic characters like Sofia as well) or is that actually a thing women need to worry about IRL? Because that trope certainly doesn’t apply to me.

        • Thisguy Reply

          Rob uses chaos magic though. Shown when he was training with Julia. Different type of magic to the rituals. Purity not required period. And Rob knows that.

        • Refugnic Reply

          It’s a stereotype found in stories, movies and comics.
          Where the nice guys are notoriously so. 😀

          Real people tend to have more than one characteristic to them and, because Survival of the Fittest, many of which being of the ‘mean’ variety.
          After all, everyone has a dark side to them.

          • alex

            Well, I can see why a nice guy would get treated like a little brother who needs to be protected, but I can’t think of an example where a nice girl got, let’s call it ‘sister-zoned’, in favor of a less nice one. But now that I think about it I generally can’t think of any examples right now where anyone got ‘little sibling’-zoned in favor of someone more mature.
            Btw. in the movies and series I’ve seen the often clumsy goody-two-shoes nice guy was actually the one who got the girl in the end after all, because he showed some serious dedication for her when push came to shove, like in Frozen. IIRC this happens in Disney/Pixar movies all the time.

            From what I’ve heard about Sword Art Online (by watching the awesome abridged parody from Something Witty Entertainment and reading some YT comments), Kirito’s little sister had to be sister-zoned by him, but that obviously doesn’t count. 🙂

            Or in Tenjou Tenge the nice naive girl with the orange hair gets rejected in favor of the more mature silver-haired one, but she doesn’t get sister-zoned, she just gets plain rejected.

            I guess in Avatar – The Last Airbender they probably intended for Aang to get “little brother”-zoned by Katara because them ending up together in the end felt forced, but after Zuko’s betrayal the audience probably wouldn’t have wanted for Katara to pick him.

            But that’s all I got. Do you have any examples for that trope?

          • EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller

            Oh you have no idea how I was pissed off Aang got together with Katara – when he needed help, she didn’t support him, even left their party. She wasn’t someone who would be commited to him. Who stood beside Aang when he needed soulmate? Toph… Toph is great character – powerful, overcoming her blindness, strong, supportive. It’s my projection but there’s time even she needs to feel safe and fall asleep in someones arms letting her guard down. They left her alone at the end.
            I’ll say it – I’m pretty sure Katara sleeps around.

    • HKMaly Reply

      Yes … Ada takes him for granted but doesn’t actually want to take the relationship to next step. I see no reason why should he wait for her. Also, this kind of courage should be rewarded.

      • Nierninwa Reply

        I do not think so. Getting naked in front of someone and trying to shower with them without their consent is kind of icky.

  5. Refugnic Reply

    It seems I need to talk to Laura,
    this shirt, these clothes, it’s just too much.
    But Rob, behold. A restless aura.
    It seeks approval, seeks your touch.

    Little kitten in a shower,
    naked, flushed, made up her mind.
    will do all that is in her power,
    please look at me, do be so kind.

    No more clothes, or hesitation,
    I’m through with waiting, pining!
    Please, enough of this frustration!
    Enough of all my whining!

    She doesn’t want you whilst I do!
    What more to make you see?!
    The death, the loss, all we’ve been through.
    Oh please, just let it be.

    Look at me, for here I am,
    I bared myself for you.
    I’m a grown woman, not a lamb,
    Rob please, enjoy the view.

    ‘I figured, that it would be warmer’,
    my words, not what I’m meaning.
    It’s her or me, don’t choose the former,
    I’m not here just for cleaning.

    Robert, please, just look at me,
    I love you, t’is my vow.
    Robert please, set yourself free.
    Tell, do you see me now?

  6. Alex Reply

    “I think I’ll pick up some Pratchett next”
    Nice! I’m curious which one you’ll choose. While my favorite of his books aren’t YA, he does have a few of those as well and I liked them (except for Maurice, that’s one’s meh). Pratchett’s not big on teenage angst though. I hadn’t realized that that was supposed to be part of YA until we talked about The Mind Drummer allegedly being YA (and therefore really restrictive) a few pages back.

  7. Gordonne Reply

    Rob looks more annoyed, its not that he doesn’t necessarily see her, he just doesn’t see her in the way she wants.
    love the art, by the way, very tasteful and works perfectly with the story.

  8. Thisguy Reply

    It’ll be interesting to see how this goes.
    I’m not sure Robert has ever formally rebuffed Sofia. He obviously hasn’t acted on her advances, despite being aware of them, but hasn’t actually spoken to her on the matter.
    And now this has happened.
    The smart thing for Robert to do would be to sit down, bare all (heh), respect and validate her feelings (what with being an apocalypse survivor with few dating options who is clearly trying to cling to that which she is familiar with) while letting her know that he’s not interested due 100% to his own complications, and she needs to respect his feelings, and it’s healthier for her to look for someone else.
    The smart thing for Sofia to do would be to tell him for his own health to look for those who will return his affection, that he needn’t put his own happiness on hold, and that if he does choose her, she will respect his relationship with Ada (which I think is true, Sofia did ask Ada before she started courting Robert). This is arguably her last ditch move, to show Robert that there are other fish in the sea, and he needed make himself miserable pinning for Ada, who can’t give him more than a close friendship.
    But ultimately she still has to respect his decision if this fails.
    Of course, I doubt either will act this way, but we’ll see.
    I like Sofia, and I’d like for her to eventually have a healthy relationship with someone, but I’m not sure that is where her story is going… guess we’ll see.

    • Alex Reply

      Yeah, I agree. I’m still hoping against hope that he’ll get together with Sofia so that we can see how Ada reacts, but somehow I can’t really see it happening.

  9. Marcus Reply

    Well done page. Really nicely drawn, especially her obvious discomfort and her insecurity in this situation. I don‘t think this will turn out the way she planned and that‘s for the better for her.
    Also: nice butt. 🍑

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