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Some more Sofia~

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I’ll be brief because, well, my uncle lost his fight with cancer yesterday and I’m too drained to write anything. I have mostly recovered from covid though and my fiance is doing much better too. Thanks for all the get-well wishes <3

5 comments on “No peeking”

  1. Alex Reply

    I am sorry for your loss. Take your time to grief.

    @comic: Yeah, in case of Sofia it’s fair to tell her not to peek. 🙂 Also it’s a good way to block the conversation from flowing towards the sandwiches, but I’m not sure Rob thought that far ahead.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    I’m sorry Rob, they both were empty,
    so you might want to wait.
    “Just my luck.” ‘Why must you tempt me?!
    I will not take the bait!’

    “Ah yes, no peeking, if you’d please!”
    “And who would want to, huh?!”
    The water falls, a gentle breeze,
    ‘I would, but won’t, well duh…’

    And thus the dance begins anew,
    of kitten and her pup.
    A wasted chance, still stands in queue,
    her cheeks are burning up.

    I would, you fool, cause I love you,
    since way back when we met.
    One day, I hope, you’ll share my view,
    till then, I will not fret.

    ‘Who’d like to peep’, I now exclaimed,
    I would, quite honestly.
    And honestly, won’t feel ashamed,
    would warm you, cozily.

    The water’s cold, but I am hot,
    and you, you are my fever.
    I love you, boy, yes quite a lot.
    you make me a believer.

    But alas, fate’s not my friend,
    your heart belongs another.
    But for my love, I will pretend,
    to be your friend or mother.

    Until, one day, you will see me,
    for who I really am.
    And then, my love, we will be free!
    And Ada? She can scram!

  3. WitUnderPressure Camp dweller Reply

    Sorry to hear about your uncle. Take the time to grieve and heal. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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