No page this week as I got covid, sorry! Next projected update: 7/10

Grumpy kitty

Cold shower

UPDATE: No page this week as I got covid, sorry! Next projected update: 7/10


Aaaand time for a new scene. It’s Sofia time!

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I’ll be brief because I had a very busy weekend hiking and looking at apartments (yes, I’m looking for something to maybe buy and stop wasting time on rent…). So yeah! The hike was great, I haven’t been to the mountains in a while. Very refreshing. I also got a lot of reading done on the train and boy, the Little Thieves sure picks up after the first 30%! I’m enjoying this little fairy tale a lot. It’s very fast paced and cute.

Oh, and I finished a drawing! With hydrangeas, even though the rainy season is actually very dry this year. If you want a postcard or a notebook, I added it to the shop! Otherwise, enjoy the little practice illustration 🙂

See you next week!

14 comments on “Cold shower”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Julia’s eager, “Time to pack”,
    Her attitude is out of whack.
    One’s left to wonder, what she’s like.
    Just like a wolf, ready to strike.

    Do you like demons more than us?
    You must admit, that’s mighty sus’.
    This ain’t no field trip, you must know,
    there’s danger bound where we must go.

    In the meantime, grumpy kitty,
    sits on the shower, what a pity!
    The waters’s cold, oh what a chore!
    The barrel’s empty, warmth no more.

    Suddenly, familiar voice,
    Both are cold? I have no choice?
    Please tell me you warmed them up!
    Cold water’s no good for this pup.

    Grumpy kitty, eyes grown wide,
    A golden chance, if you’d abide?
    See, I’m hot and I am free.
    So…would you like some company?

  2. alex Reply

    I call that on the next page Sofia says:
    “Oh it’s no problem, we can take a shower together. That’ll definitely keep you warm.”

    Just kidding. 🙂

    But I DO want her to ask Rob about the sandwich he threw away ages ago. It’s about time this crucially important plot point got resolved.

  3. Doom Reply

    Reporting a couple website errors:
    This page, Cold Shower, is not present on the Archive page.
    The previous page, Dirty Conscience, has the Next and Last buttons disabled despite not being the most recent page.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks! Probably cache. I cleaned it and it should be ok now!

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Uh Oh, Lots of fluid, fried fish, REST, and bleach wipes/virox wipes Everything. Can confirm having had it myself. if vaccines up to date give yourself 2 weeks and hope no fatigue long term after.

  5. Matheus Reply

    I just realized something… if philipp got “invited” into magic by Ada, and therefore is part of her court, does that mean Rob is part of Julia’s?

    • alex Reply

      I think Rob is still part of Ada’s because he was with her when he realized he could do magic as well (when they were riding a bike and he slaughtered some demons that wanted to jump them).

      But Adam might be in Julia’s court.

  6. alex Reply

    Get well soon, NI! But also do take your time to recover and avoid long covid, but iirc this is your second time, so you know the drill already, right? 🙂

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