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I hope everyone is well! Not much happened last week. I’m still reading The Book Eaters and honestly, I expected this book to be worse? I guess I read too many negative opinions on Goodreads. The idea itself is ridiculous but most of magic is, so who cares. All in all, I think the strongest point of this story is its unique plot (a mother’s struggle) and the atmosphere (very dark). Not sure what the ending will be, but it’s a nice debiut! I also finished reading a story my writing friend wrote, but I can’t give you guys a link to that one haha… I definitely will if and once it’s published 😉 Also, my writing workshop is ending after next week, and I’m hoping I’ll have a little bit more time after that happens… For those who don’t know and are interested, it was this: and I guess I’m more tired than anything else. Good value for money, but I’m not sure how much I’m getting from a course like that at this point. I read too many craft books, so the concept aren’t new to me. I think I need to just keep writing, practicing, and maybe try getting some mentorship?… No idea. There’s no sure recipe for getting traditionally published.

Well, enjoy the new page and see you next week! I’m going to try and get some writing done before my weekend ends :’D

9 comments on “Prayers”

  1. Alex Reply

    I see, so those people are actually the next plot point.
    If they’re Christian priests they might have a thing or two to say about people trying to become “born again virgins” so that they can be like incels at 30+ and “get their wizard powers”. 🙂

    But in all seriousness, I like stories that include a mysterious village with people who are starting out behaving normally. It’s always so creepy, even when a show like My Little Pony does it (when they introduced Starlight Glimmer).

    • HKMaly Reply

      Christians are known for burning witches. They might try it with our group.

  2. ABunchOTrees Reply

    I don’t know exactly what it is, but this page pops out of the screen. Hair/face shading? Those beautiful eyes? IDK, but keep it up!

    • WitUnderPressure Camp dweller Reply

      I was kinda thinking the same thing. Either I didn’t notice or I missed an author note, but the seems to have gotten prettier. It was already good. I love it.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Awww thank you! Sometimes I have the motivation to experiment haha Glad it’s working!

  3. tq343 Reply

    Christianity is a thing here. That means Jesus was too. So . . . what kind of ears/tail did Jesus have? Sheep? Lion? Was Jesus a catboy?!

  4. Refugnic Reply

    So why is it you’re so suspicious?
    Didn’t they just try to help?
    Did they share bread or loads of fishes?
    Or did they offer kelp?

    I’m not suspicious of those two,
    not them, no not one bit.
    But when they talked, felt like a screw,
    was loose. It just didn’t fit.

    It was strange, their talk bout priests,
    and how they were protected.
    It’s not that simple with these beasts!
    Their reason felt neglected.

    If praying solved the problems all,
    some miracles are due.
    Their holy words felt like a wall.
    Indoctrinated view!

    Did they say, what kind of god,
    they worship at their place?
    Probably christian, didn’t prod,
    or ask it to their face.

    I want to say, that place is special,
    and they are just the leaders.
    And hope their deal’s not with the devil,
    and they’re just scripture readers.

    That makes sense, and I’d agree,
    that that’d be very clever.
    In times like these, the thoughts aren’t free.
    don’t trust nice words. Not ever.

    Observe their actions, not their words,
    and please do use your noggin.
    And do not listen to the herds,
    lest they do get their cogs in.

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