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Hey everyone! I hope everyone is great. The rainy season is starting here in Japan and so there’s more and more rain. We had the first typhoon of this year already as well (although it just passed us by, it wasn’t very exciting). Rain means I get more at-home-time and that translates to more writing haha I’m really hoping I can finish the next pass of revisions on my next book before July ends. We’ll see how it goes.

I finished The Book Eaters and I still think it was a good debiut. I enjoyed myself, even though I had initial reservations due to the not-so-great rating on Goodreads and a lot of backstory. If you want something spooky and mostly contemporary then go for it! After this one, I started listening to The Book That Wouldn’t Burn but after 5 chapters I wanted to return the audiobook (and discovered that you can’t). I’ll most likely finish it (ah the sunken cost fallacy), but it doesn’t seem to be a book for me. Or maybe even an author for me. The number of unnecessary scenes and blunt repetitions makes me think that someone forgot to edit this story, and it only makes me more sad about the current state of the publishing industry. Oh well… Fingers crossed that it gets more interesting later on. Oh, I started Little Thieves too. It feels like a whimsical spin on Naomi Novik’s style of fairytales? Should be entertaining. I barely started so not sure what to think yet. I wonder if I bore you guys with those endless mini-reviews hahahah

I ended up watching Oshinoko and enjoying it! I really like stories about creators / artists, really cool. Also, I’ve heard from a friend that the second Spiderverse is amazing but I haven’t seen it yet. You guys?…

See you next week! 🙂


13 comments on “Not this time”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Just nod and say “Okay” dude! Trust me, you’re not winning this one!

  2. JW Reply

    I wonder if I bore you guys with those endless mini-reviews

    No, I like hearing about it.
    By now I have quite a few tabs open to goodreads for books you mentioned over time, waiting for me to decide whether to actually buy it or not. (I wish I could read books as fast as you do, though. My pile of unread books is far too big. Though part of that is probably spending too many hours watching anime and critical role. Too few hours in a day to spend, too much to spend it on.)

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha my TBR list has more than 100 books on it. I’m getting buried. As you said, there’s always something new to see or read. Makes picking a wrong book even more painful!

      • JW Reply

        Fortunately I haven’t bought a lot of books I regret buying/reading. I’ve sold off two, I think; which means I disliked them enough to not even want them taking up space in my bookcase. There’s a few more where I wish the author would have left out certain things, giving an otherwise good story a bad aftertaste.
        Oh, and there was one my brother lent me, which I hated both because it felt like the author was vomiting up a thesaurus and because the story and setting was so dark and depressing that for all I cared that whole world could be destroyed, so who cares if they saved it in the end. So that’s made me a bit more cautious about following recommendation.

    • HKMaly Reply

      Hey, if they don’t want to read them they don’t need to. Just as I’m usually skipping them. Because I know that even if I would actually be interested I wouldn’t have time.

      • alex Reply

        Same here. I usually skim over the book reviews because I most likely won’t read any of them anyway either. So many Animes to watch, so many video games to play. 😀 Sometimes all I do is check if there’s a review for a Discworld novel in there.

        Aside from proof-reading two of NI’s upcoming novels I haven’t finished a book in years. But I do read a bunch of online comics and most of them never ever finish, so it’s not like I don’t read anything.

  3. Thisguy Reply

    “You’re trying to tell if these religious people are manipulating people using shady practices and you DON’T want the ex manipulative cult leader to investigate? I used to sell bullshit, so I don’t buy it, and can smell it a mile off.”

  4. alex Reply

    Ooooooh I want to see a “cult leader vs. former cult leader” clash! 😀

    That said, Julia might actually be their best bet on detecting red flags when it comes to that.

  5. Refugnic Reply

    There’s nothing gained from merely guessing,
    about their curses and their blessing.
    I barely get how we still survive!
    They may yet know a way to thrive.

    We are safe because of magic,
    don’t know the price, but that’s not tragic.
    But maybe there’s another way,
    to keep these rotten beasts at bay.

    There’s no need to be apprehensive,
    or to act to very defensive.
    Let’s just ask them, what they’re doing,
    and what agenda they’re pursuing.

    Alright, alright! I get it, sheesh!
    Get yourself back on your leash!
    We’ll send a small group, less than four.
    and kindly knock on their front door.

    Julia here, should stay hide…
    No can’t do that, no won’t abide!
    I’m going with you to that place!
    And talk to these priests, face to face.

    You are forgetting, who I was.
    for I did things to give you pause!
    If there’s a cult, you’ll need me there.
    You will not leave me, don’t you dare!

  6. Crestlinger Reply

    *Robert continues ‘-should Definitely go with us for this as she can spot all their crazy voodoo and cult shenanigans.’
    Julia: *Surprised Pikachu face
    ‘What? We know your value in this, and no beasties this time we hope.’

  7. Matheus Reply

    Hey, what animal did you base on to make Julia’s tail? Is she like a snow fox or smth?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Kind of? A fox, but a white one. So she has similar ears like Ada (just Ada’s are permanently down because she’s a gloomy girl lol)

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