A little sus

When you barely survive and feel like someone else doing the same is a stretch.

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Hey everyone! Seems like you guys enjoyed learning a bit more about the magic. I was happy reading the comments on Discord and Twitter <3 We’ll briefly discuss some other things so get those out of the way and then… We’ll go back to Sofia. There’s still a lot of Sofia planned for this chapter :E

As for me, I finished listening to Fundamentals: Ten Keys to Reality and wasn’t amazed, but I still recommend it if you feel like you want to know how the world works lol It’s a good introduction to the fundamental concepts of physics. I started The Book Eaters and damn that book is weird. I kind of expected that, given the concept but… huh??? Anyway, I barely started, so not much to say, the first chapter was strong so I figured I might give it a shot. It was heavily advertised and a big launch so I got curious. We’ll see. I’m also reading a fellow aspiring author’s book, but that one I can’t really share with you guys haha I’m in 45% so far and enjoying myself since it’s right up my alley with monster hunts and math haha!

As for my own writing – I still have 3 weeks of my workshop left, and in the meantime I’m trying to brainstorm the next project and learn how to write better queries to agents. If anyone is curious, r/PubTips seems to be an excellent teacher. I also got my draft back from one beta reader I was testing but he found the book extremely confusing so I need to fix some things. I’m an underwriter so instead of long infodumps I usually make people work way too hard as they read… You guys are probably nodding thoughtfully right now hahaha Replay is also full on unsaid things x’D One day I shall find the right balance lol

Well, enjoy the page and see you next week!

17 comments on “A little sus”

    • T3hOgre Reply

      Completely agree. Kasper’s shirt has no writing on it, and no way he has a writing free t-shirt at this point. Totally sus!

  1. HKMaly Reply

    This is going to end badly. As if they hadn’t enough problems with demons, now they will need to fight the priest.

  2. Sleel Reply

    Yeah…all I’m thinking is the cannibal farmers scoping out their next meals inviting Lee and Clementine to their farm for supper from The Walking Dead. heh. Makes me laugh when I think of that. Watched a ‘let’s play’ of that with her for one of our ‘movie nights’. We do it by watching vids at same time while in discord call. Later told me she was flipping out screaming HOW DO YOU FIGURE IT OUT SO FAST when I said while they were talking to them to not go, it’s just a bunch of cannibals sussing you out. And more rage came when they got to the farm, I looked at the barn with the lean-to shed at the back and went: Oh look, the kill room.

    I still do that to her. I even have a screenshot of her telling another friend of hers in GW2 I had done the same damn thing with the End of Dragons Xpac after the intro stuff. And I expressed my thoughts on Minister Li. He really rubbed me wrong. I wish I could link the screenshot I kept of it that she sent me later on, it’s my fave screenie. But I’ll just transcribe their comments:

    My Friend: lol, he just met Li and is immediately “he’s gonna betray us and I’m gonna kill him.”
    Other Friend: lol
    My Friend: like wtf, HOW?

    She now regularly tries to get me to predict what’s gonna happen in a story arc ingame or movies.

    These ppl have rubbed me wrong since they arrived, never mind when they started eyeing the swords and questions.

    • Sleel Reply

      Not that I’m necessarily calling them for cannibals. Leaning more towards ppl involved with the dickhead who summoned the demons. Tho cannibals wouldn’t be a shock considering how likely that would be in any post apoc situation.

  3. Matheus Reply

    The fact that they’re surviving without magic, under the blessing of a “church”, makes me think that the priest is actually a demon and they made a pact with him. They survive by attracting and sacrificing outsiders.

  4. Refugnic Reply

    In the meantime, at Team ‘R’,
    ‘We should meet them, it’s not far.
    Talk with them, see what they know,
    and if they’re genuine or all show.’

    ‘See if they know of others yet,
    who made it through or who still fret.
    Who knows, we might find family,
    who also live through calamity.’

    A couple hours, not that far,
    that’s where they’re supposedly are.
    Right, right, it’s clear that we should go,
    but see, they’re sus…I just don’t know.

    It is quite strange we never knew,
    that they were there, however few.
    No fires, lights or radio.
    We might do well to take it slow.

    They claim to have a power gen,
    and so much more stocked in their den.
    But tell you what, I don’t trust them.
    Their priest, their words, smell like mayhem.

  5. JIm Gettman Reply

    Wed. 5/31/2023 10:12 PM PDT, I came here from a Las Lindas banner ad with a cute furry girl. Web server is so slow – minutes per page. I can’t stand the wait. Maybe let me know when that is fixed?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Interesting… Where are you connecting from? Is anyone else experiencing this??

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