No need for extra punishment. At this rate, you’ll kill yourself without any assistance, Ada.

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I hope you guys are well and had a less stressful week. The earthquake really was the smallest of my frustrations, lasting only a minute and leaving no permanent damage. Some of my friends lost power for a couple hours but Tokyo was fine, in general. I think I’m stressing over something, because my neck is completely stiff and painful (I can’t look down… weird, huh?) and my right eyelid is jumping constantly (which is a great source of constant irritation and a problem when falling asleep). It could be work, it could be my approaching trip to Poland and ever-changing departure times and covid regulations, it might be Putin, it might be something else entirely – I have no clue. I don’t have stress-induced thoughts so I never know when or why my brain is freaking out. Hopefully it’ll just… go away on its own.

I’ve finished reading Legendborn and I can recommend it! Entertaining book. Nothing eye-opening, but it was refreshing in some ways and was actually curious about the ending. I’m reading The Hand of the Sun King now and I’m in 30% or so and it didn’t really grab me. I feel like the plot I’m most interested in (and the main character too, or at least he says so) is being neglected and nothing moves in that direction. I had a similar feeling with Daughter of the Moon Goddess and it made me disconnect completely. I’m afraid it will be the same with this book. I’m also doing some beta-reading for a friend (and temporarily dropped the Amber Crown to do it). As for my own writing, I’m still applying fixes to Mind Drummer but I’m past the middle now! Yeeey! I haven’t sent any emails to the literary agents for The Cleansed Ones though because I’m discouraged and can’t bring myself to waste time on that. Ugh. Maybe later.

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4 comments on “Drifter”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Can a horse die just from running?
    Why yes, it can, in fact.
    Just like man, with all his cunning,
    can excel once they’re backed.

    So you are saying he’ll be fine,
    cause he can’t breach his bounds?
    That he can’t cross this thin old line,
    you know just how that sounds?

    And you’re now here to punish me,
    for having more potential?
    Keep fighting, struggling, will not flee,
    that much is evidential.

    Now listen here, my one-eyed ‘friend’,
    by what name you might go by.
    This power may once mean my end,
    but I’ll be free when I die.

    You are mistaken, stubborn girl,
    for I am no mere servant.
    The magic gleams, much like a pearl,
    and I am quite observant.

    This world did once overflow,
    with magic, but no longer.
    Forgotten, lost is all its glow,
    it once was so much stronger.

    In nature’s bounty, creatures all,
    could magic once be found.
    Humans rose, stood from a crawl,
    found ways it could be bound.

    Then came an age, most glorious,
    where magic was harnessed.
    But science rose victorious,
    from passionate, heartless.

    And now the glimmer has returned,
    but it is twisted, wrong.
    The power borrowed, but not earned,
    the foulest stench now strong.

    Listen maiden, listen well,
    my plea I make to you.
    Your power grows, but I can smell,
    please help me see this through.

    Help me right his wrongs and then,
    this world just might recover.
    Help this world thrive once again,
    there’s so much to discover.

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