Hard choices!

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I hope you guys are doing well. I’m as usual, I’d say haha It’s just that the usual lately equals stressed and tired. Seriously, two days of weekend are not enough. And I had Tokyo Writers Meetup today so the entire day was just writing, reviewing, discussing, and pizza (which was great, don’t get me wrong, but it does feel like I’m still owed a Sunday). I also started another installment of my writing workshop and I’m almost done revising another draft so my head is full of writing. I feel like I’m improving, and that’s the greatest feeling in the world. I’m also still sending emails for Mind Drummer, and I still have a bunch of people to send to.

From books-consumption and not production, I’m listening to Ruination: A League of Legends Novel and at first I thought the style was kind of weird? Like older fantasy books? But then I got interested in the story and it’s fun so I’ll continue reading. Some of the reviews were saying that it was boring or that the characters are meh but honestly, I’m enjoying myself so I’ll most likely finish this book. I also started A Little Hatred and damn this Abercrombie guy is good! >: E I’m jealous. I’m going to read this book very slowly and learn from him. I haven’t read much so far but I’m already impressed.

And hey! I finally finished the illustration with Sofia! the cherry blossoms are almost completely gone already, but I doubt you guys mind. Please enjoy the drawing and if you want a postcard or anything, you can find them HERE.

5 comments on “Choices”

  1. Alex Reply

    lol Ada is copying Filip’s way of talking. XD
    Good choice! The only thing missing is a thank you for the spell he snuck into her notes, but maybe she figures that talking to him at all after him being so annoying is enough thanks.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    ‘Plop’ she makes, and down she sits,
    ‘You’re back!’, Filip exclaims.
    ‘Yeah sure, alright, we’re back (in bits).’
    And thus begin their games.

    ‘Excellent! Now just the spell—’
    ‘Yeah well, that one’s done too.’
    ‘But say, I’ve heard that you’re not well,
    that you and her are through.’

    Ah well, that is, I’m sure she’ll find,
    someone who’s so much better.
    Meanwhile, you see, I’m in a bind,
    for magic, I can’t have her.

    But till she does, I’ll keep her safe,
    this much I owe my lady.
    For this alone, I must be brave,
    even if I seem shady.

    Keep on talking, pretty boy,
    dandelions are dancing.
    No need to argue, to play coy,
    the clocks small cogs, advancing.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Kasper seeing Sofia like that will start wedding bells. Nice touch on the bench squiggle hehe.

  4. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I’m confused as to how those things link Fil, and also distracted by your translucent boyband t-shirt.

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