Working on that purity

A new scene! And a beautiful waterfall which I actually made from AI-generated backgrounds. Now I’ll need to draw it on every panel from now on hahah This is how you force yourself to practice xD

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It’s actually hard to type because I played Beat Saber too much, so I’ll be brief. Finished two books this week: The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England (by Brandon Sanderson) and The Art of Prophecy (by Wesley Chu). I didn’t like the Handbook too much. It was okay but nothing memorable, which is a bit disappointing for Sanderson – usually the worldbuilding is exquisite in his stories, but here it’s just the medieval England, Nordic gods and some fairies. All sprinkled with interdimensional travel. If you watched the Loki TV series then it’s a similar vibe just less fun. The Art of Prophecy is definitely the first book in a long series and it shows, but it also has some great characters and a lot of interesting worldbuilding. The beginning is pretty strong, hooks you right in. I can recommend this one if you’re looking for something fresh (because this is Chinese-fantasy-inspired).

On my side, I started another writing workshop, so there’s 10 weeks of hard work ahead of me. I’m already tired haha but because of work and the layoffs atmosphere on the market. Well, I’m not going to complain. Those who went through the same know how it feels.

The drawing with Sofia which I promised is still not done!!! I didn’t get any time to work on it this week. We had a trip over the weekend for my fiance’s birthday so I didn’t get to draw. Hopefully next week ; _ ;

4 comments on “Working on that purity”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Happy Easter! For those who Celebrate!

    For those who don’t, Happy Chocolate Discount Start!

  2. Sabreur Reply

    “It’s actually hard to type because I played Beat Saber too much, so I’ll be brief.” I can relate to this.

    This is a very pretty scene, I like the composition of it.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Tell me, Ada, how’d you deal?
    How’d you stand all this power?
    I’m missing something, how d’ya feel?
    You not so del’cate flower?

    Did you, by chance, strike up a pact,
    with one of demon’s kin?
    I did NOT and that’s a fact!
    And now shut up. Le Fin.

    Perhaps, my dear, you don’t recall,
    it can be quite traumatic.
    Stop your nagging, thank you all,
    and don’t be so dramatic.

    I’m just stronger than you thought,
    and you’re just being sour.
    I’m stronger yet, and can’t be caught.
    Ah, there he’s in his shower.

    Hey, Filip, you darn old fool,
    you shouldn’t leave the barrier.
    You want to bathe? Help build the pool,
    you know, the more, the merrier.

    It’s dangerous to go outside,
    and much more so: Alone.
    So put your foolish pride aside,
    and for your sins: Atone.

    Y’see, it may not look like it,
    but Nina’s missing you.
    So come back home, just for a bit,
    and be part of the crew.

  4. HKMaly Reply

    So it wasn’t HIM who helped. Unless he’s somehow helping without realizing it.

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