Uh oh. Someone is starting to connect the dots.

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I hope you guys are doing well! I’m excellent, because after 3 more days of work I’m going on vacation! There are long holidays in Japan coming up (called Golden Week) and so with a couple more extra days from my yearly vacation budget I can have 9 days off. Excellent. I can’t wait. I’m so tired xD

I finished reading Ruination: A League of Legends Novel today and I think I liked it. The moral dilemmas were interesting, the characters entertaining, I didn’t get bored. It’s mostly just an adventure and I probably won’t remember the details for long but it was fun. Recommended for fans of classic fantasy with a VERY bad ending (which I don’t think is a spoiler in this case). Not sure what I’ll be listening to next (because I went through the audiobook version), probably the podcast about publishing industry that I found recently. In case you’re interested in book business, check out the Publishing Rodeo Podcast. I haven’t really listened to it yet but I’ve heard good things.

And again, for those who haven’t seen it last week, some Sofia! Please enjoy the drawing and if you want a postcard or anything, you can find them HERE.

5 comments on “Not YET”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    There seems to be a cost to it,
    a headache, nosebleed, fever, more.
    A price that bogs you down a bit,
    a price that shakes you at your core.

    Stefen checked me but found none.
    But what about the kids?!
    For now, the symptoms, all but gone,
    Did Laura throw these fits?!

    No, not yet, the kids are fine.
    We think it takes a while.
    This burden’s mine to bear, all mine.
    But I’ll hold myself in style.

    You know what else it could well be?
    The kids, they are adapting.
    They’re versatile, they fight and flee.
    Their youth, it is impacting.

    What do you know, that could be it.
    The drifter floats and grins.
    ‘I like this guy, and quite a bit.’
    He’s smart. And smartness wins.

    I’ll keep my eyes and keep the watch.
    So thank you for the warning.
    Now leave me be, I’ll be a notch.
    I’ll be here till the morning.

  2. Matheus Reply

    You know, maybe he broke up with Nina just so he could protect her. He doesn’t strike me as the “oh i want da powah to be powahful” guy. It feels more like he’s actually trying to be useful, rather than lying around, like he was at the beginning.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I believed that to be understood, yes.
      He’s a classic ‘knight’ type in this kind of situation.
      ‘To protect those I love, I cannot be with them.’

      He loves Nina. So much, in fact, that he’d put his desire to be with her behind his urge to protect her. He’s putting her safety before his own needs.
      It was very clumsy how he went about the whole thing, but I believe his intentions were pretty good, all things considered.

      Of course I’m a miserable judge of character and he just hates to feel powerless. 😀

      • Rateus Camp dweller Reply

        These are great points. Pity Fil didn’t learn the lessons I did, if you truly love someone you respect them enough to involve them in the decision making processes.

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