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How are you guys doing? I had a semi-eventful week with the vaccine-induced fever and then a broken washing machine. I don’t like random things like that because then I need to sacrifice writing or drawing time to take care of them… Alas, I managed to hit both my writing and drawing goals this week regardless, so maybe it wasn’t so bad. I’m still editing Mind Drummer and querying The Cleansed Ones. I gotta say – I don’t need much motivation to continue writing, I love doing it, but it’s difficult to keep sending those emails. A chance of me getting an agent for the first book I’ve written in English is miniscule. But it feels weird to not even give it a shot, so I search for those literary agents, research their favorite titles, and write emails. I’ve sent about 35 queries so far and no luck. So you know, cross your fingers for me! I need a little help here haha~

I’m still crawling through the Amber Crown, but I’m past 80%. I rarely drop books, but this one doesn’t pull me to reading either so… it drags. I started Legendborn too, and although I’m not a fan of romance triangles and secret magic societies this one grabbed me, somehow! The main character is very pleasant, so I keep rooting for the girl and wondering how she’ll do. Good for a light read!

Well, enjoy the page and see you next week!

11 comments on “Hurt”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Tell you what, you’re playing with fire,
    but with the outside world so cold,
    you keep building your own pyre,
    you keep fighting till you fold.

    Magic never was for you,
    or any of your kind.
    Like a child, so blind, so blue,
    with power on your mind.

    Can’t you see what you have done,
    the hurt, the blood, the pain?
    This game you’re playing is not fun,
    you loose more than you gain.

    The headaches, yes, the price to pay,
    how much he can yet stand?
    A fool, that one, stuck in harms way,
    it’s full of fools this land.

    You think you know the force you wield,
    yet nothing you do know.
    This ain’t your sword and not your shield,
    yourself, your greatest foe.

    But worry not, I’m here to help,
    I’ve come to be your friend.
    Right here I vow, between this kelp,
    I’ll be your helping hand.

  2. HKMaly Reply

    Sure, if magic was meant for humans they wouldn’t need to stop with sex for using it.

    However, it seems that there was some point the monster tried to make – like, different one than “stop using magic”.

  3. Alex Reply

    If you use healing magic on yourself I wonder if it does more damage to you or more healing.

    Did any of the 35 agents give any feedback at all aside from the “woke” one?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Nope! I’d have mentioned it if there was any feedback. It’s just the “no, thank you” stuff.

      • Alex Reply

        That’s too bad. Which countries have you tried it so far?

        And regarding USA: Have you tried the “woke” approach I wrote in the comments a while back? The one where you focus on the aspect that Sheena is a tough, independent, stubborn woman and Will is a clumsy priest apprentice who takes care of his baby brother while they’re both on the run from the church. Maybe sprinkle in some criticism for too orthodox beliefs and sell that as a reference to Polish culture, like that “woke” agent asked you to? I mean, after 35 tries, there’s really nothing to lose, is there? If an agent figures out that this book is so much more than what was advertised, then at least they’ll have read it.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Haha maybe I’ll try. I’m getting a bit tired of rewriting that query, to be honest. And I don’t know if I’d love working with an agent like that. Still, I get your point, and will definitely consider that when I have a bit more strength to fight. I’m super motivated to write, not so motivated to beg for an agent and advertise my stories, unfortunately.

          I did send my query package (query letter + synopsis + first pages) for a review to some writer’s community where published authors and agents answer various questions related to publishing industry. They had an event where they offer a free look at it. I explained how I’m stuck and asked for guidance. Maybe they’ll give me some tips.

          • Alex

            Okay, good luck with that! Maybe you can post their feedback here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Nialith Private Reply

    @notimportant – I stumbled across an amazing YouTube channel recently called Virtual Japan and thought of your posts about being out hiking. Lots of 4k videos where the camera person is just walking around different locations in Japan. No commentary or anything. Definitely want to visit sometime.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I’ll check it out! Always good to find some new spots to visit.
      My hiking probably isn’t so good for videos since we keep chatting with my fiance xD So the nature walk would be littered with work/books/anime chatter in Polish/English.

  5. The Ninjaneer Reply

    That fire analogy is odd, BUT also means , you CAN use it properly and done so is likely MUCH more powerful. Like “poofing” a ball of fire and hurting yourself in the process vs directing all that energy into a beam

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