Witch at work

She doesn’t know when to give up. Just like Rob.

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In case you missed the info from discord, I made some AI-based sketches with Ada. In case you needed an excuse to support Replay, you can throw a $1 at me and enjoy these 3 AI-supported drawings of Ada:


And there was also a new illustration! Enjoy! šŸ™‚

8 comments on “Witch at work”

  1. Matheus Reply

    Bruh… while It’s true that Rob should know when to give up, It’s also true that Ada could end that drama right then and there by just not clinging so hard onto a dude who’s into her lol. They’re both so stubborn.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Shut up, I say, enough’s enough!
      I will not yield just cause it’s rough.
      I once set out on this here path,
      step down, I say, or feel my wrath!

      The pentacle of Mars worked well,
      put on a blade would work be swell,
      now I just need to know how…
      Which spell will do, which will allow?

      Maybe this, wait there’s this needle…
      this just might do without a tweedle.
      Hey drifter, tell me, since I’m brave,
      with mercury’s help, can I engrave?

      With needle’s magic and my will,
      just one more time, I’ll foot the bill.
      I will craft magic and be fine.
      I will not cry and will not whine.

      Ada, Ada, you’re a fool.
      No, even worse, you’re quite the tool.
      Your nose is bleeding from the touch.
      I’m telling you, you’ve had too much.

  2. Crestlinger Reply

    Tissues! For all your non distracted spell crafting needs!
    Reminded also of Esme on real magic and ‘getting down to the blood and bone of it.’

  3. HKMaly Reply

    Everything points to her killing herself soon by doing too much magic. However, somehow I suspect that’s NOT how it will end.

    Is she really that desperate, or does she think this way she forces the drifter to help? Or that she forces AUTHOR to help?

  4. alex Reply

    “Can I use the second pentacle of Mercury to engrave the fifth pentacle of Mars on a sword?”
    That’s not just one but two spells she wants to cast the very second she woke up. I want to have a look inside that head of hers, but I’m worried I might get to see the literal insides instead of her thoughts.

    Also if that drifter doesn’t start giving constructive advice I can already see her shouting “Shut up or I’ll use the pentacles of Uranus!”

  5. Doom Reply

    Last panel Ada’s eyes are so pretty! And bonus art Ada’s hair is super bright and shiny!

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