Finally alone?

Not so alone, huh.

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Just got back from a trip so I’m quite tired! It was a good trip and my first time at Chuzenji lake in winter πŸ™‚ Enjoy this week’s page and see you next week!


10 comments on “Finally alone?”

  1. Alex Reply

    I hope this guy isn’t going to leave and instead give her advice against her will. πŸ˜€

    • HKMaly Reply

      I hope he’s going to give her some USEFUL advice finally.

      So far, what he said was practically useless. He’s saying she’s doing it wrong, but didn’t said how to do it right. People like that are annoying no matter what the thing you are doing is, and her reaction matches exactly. “If you can’t or are not willing to help, stop nagging.”

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Back outside, a man sheds tears,
    alleviated are his fears.
    The chicken glucks, just what a mess,
    what’s up with them, anyone’s guess.

    Next to him, stands in defeat,
    dismayed the one, who tried to treat,
    the queenies wounds, both big and small,
    who caused her pain, from grace they fall.

    Within the tent though, the Ada sighs,
    there’s anger, hatred, in her eyes.
    Over her shoulder, the nagging ghost,
    who isn’t happy with his host.

    Congratulations, little queen.
    And let me tell you, what I mean.
    You used too much, got sick from spells.
    a place for you waits in the hells.

    You can no longer receive healing,
    unless you do enjoy this feeling.
    Of constant agony and pain.
    Please listen up, don’t be so vain.

    What good is aptitude alone,
    if you get knocked down from your throne,
    the instant you draw on your might?
    Keep going, girl, won’t last the night.

    You can’t do anything like this!
    This hurt? This pain? They’ll stay, dear miss.
    And your potential goes to waste,
    if you keep making too much haste.

    Then why, tell me, are you still here?
    Why is it, I still have to hear,
    all your complaints and constant nagging?
    Be gone, get lost, and cease your bragging.

    Silence falls in contemplation.
    ‘How did I get this situation?
    Why won’t this one listen to me?
    A shackled heart, but where’s the key?’

  3. Sabreur Reply

    Oh hey, it *was* a magic overdose! On the upside, that does mean there’s a cure – she probably just has to abstain from magic for a bit and then slowly build up a tolerance.

    Also, I love our friendly neighborhood purple nightmare ghost. He’s great. XD

    • HKMaly Reply

      Yup, it actually is. Pity. I liked the alternatives better.

      I wouldn’t be so sure building up a tolerance is possible. Our “friend candidate” said “Magic isn’t meant for humans”. I would like if it would be some misunderstanding, but I suspect this leads to the usual “humans are not supposed to use magic, they are supposed to obey and serve”. Ask Christian Church.

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Wonder if Julia knows any degaussing methods for magic? Kyanite to X chakra points or such?

  5. Matheus Reply

    So, I’m guessing this guy is gonna be some kind of shady magical guide to her, just like that other weirdo will be to Sofia. Gurls unlocked their Stands and yes THIS IS A JOJO REFERENCE

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