Get out

The queen awoke and she is very grumpy.

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I hope everyone is well. It was a sad and frustrating weekend for the tech industry with all the layoffs. I had a relatively normal week, thankfully. I listened to Gallant recently and it’s a very well-written little story about a haunted house with a mute main character (which makes things both more interesting and frustrating – everyone in this story is pointedly not saying anything when the solution is to explain). I enjoyed it but also felt like it lacked substance a bit. Read more like a novella or a short-story than a full-length novel. Other than that, I’m working hard to finish fixing my novel (I’m almost there!). I’m going to get right back to it after I post the page haha~

My AI adventures continue, although only in the art department. ChatGPT didn’t earn by love – I wanted to use it for brainstorming novel ideas but it’s not very good at being creative. If you ask it to give you 1-line pitches for a couple of decently popular fantasy/scifi books then it’s able to give a nice pitch that shows what was interesting about the story. If you try to ask it to give you 10 more ideas like that for books not yet written – you know, seeds to ponder and base a new story on – it fails terribly. All the ideas sound like: “a lost prince needs to overcome obstacles and face his tragic past to save his kingdom”. Well no shit. Every other book can be described like that. So I don’t think it’ll be any useful to me… The AI generated art (I’m playing with stable diffusion) at least makes me feel inspired to experiment with my style (some experimental wip here: link) and I can quickly visualize different ideas and pick elements that I like – it’s really nice for quickly checking concept variants. Still can’t get it to color my comic pages hahah

Well, I’ll be off now, my novel won’t edit itself. Enjoy the page and have a nice and calm week ahead!

10 comments on “Get out”

  1. Jake Reply

    My, my! She is in baaad mood! I have some many things to wonder about! Why the healing charm made her suffer, why it woke her up if it wasn’t weorking the way it was supposed to, why is she so angry!?! Does she even recognize Adam and Julia? Huh! A cliffhanger this week, have to admit that!

    • Refugnic Reply

      First: That’s Robert, not Adam.
      If it was Adam, she’d be in an entirely different mood…and I’m talking Lina Inverse kind of mood. πŸ˜€

      As for why the healing charm made her suffer is pretty much anyone’s guess.
      On a previous page, someone suggested that she was dealing with a magical overdose to begin with, so the healing charm may well have caused the barrel to overflow.

      Another guess would be, that the healing charm actually did some healing…to the pain receptors that caused her to shut down in the first place.

      I don’t think Julia tried to murder Ada in her sleep, but then again…we don’t really know a lot about her, do we?
      What basically vouches for her innocence is, that she shouldn’t have been able to pass through Ada’s barrier, if she harbored ill-intent.

      As for, ‘why it woke her up’, that one’s easy. At least I do regularly wake, if my leg decides to cramp in the middle of the night, setting my brain on fire with pain…don’t you? πŸ˜‰

      • HKMaly Reply

        Yeah, the “healing of pain receptors” was basically what my idea was about.

        And why she’s so angry? Well, they are talking loudly. She probably has a headache (not JUST a headache, but …).

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Just what the hell have you now done?!
    A healing spell, my ass! Had fun?!
    Cause once I’m done and through with you,
    you will be missing teeth, least two!

    I’m so sorry, have no clue,
    what went wrong, with verdant hue.
    I don’t know, what happened here.
    Julia spouts, with mortal fear.

    I swear, it was a healing charm,
    I never meant to cause her harm!
    Julia, calm down and stay,
    and listen what I have to say’.

    In the midst of budding struggle,
    ‘Get out, you two, lest you want trouble!’
    From the bed, the queen commands,
    and leaves no doubt, bout her demands.

    I want you both to get out NOW!
    Be gone, bye, bye, farewell and ciao.
    Just close the flap and do not weep,
    need some more rest, just want to sleep.

  3. Alex Reply

    “with a mute main character (which makes things both more interesting and frustrating – everyone in this story is pointedly not saying anything when the solution is to explain)”

    I know all too well what you mean. πŸ™‚

  4. Alex Reply

    How much of that WIP art is generated and how much did you do?
    Somehow her smile reminds me of Haachama, and I can’t even begin to imagine what a hybrid between those two would be like. XD

    • NotImportant Reply

      I generated a picture and I’m copying it. The wip is drawn from zero, but I’m deliberately copying the AI style so I’m not sure how to answer your question hahah

  5. Matheus Reply

    So, It’s like waking up with a huge hangover, huh? You wish you were still sleeping.

  6. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    So I decided to have fun and got in touch with ChatGPT and told it a certain story about a world attacked by monsters and characters from survivor group. I tried to be as specific as possible, but since number of messages per hour and policy I had to omit some details and put my ideas where unknown lurks. But here’s what I got:

    I call the ChatGPT simply Chat…
    So I told Chat the whole story, ending with Ada telling Robert and Julia to get out. Chat summary of what is next:

    She told them she needed to rest and be alone, so they both left the tent. Ada then sat on the bed, holding her head and trying to calm down. She realized that her use of magic was putting herself in danger and she needed to be more careful. She decided to talk to Robert about what had happened in the museum, about the being in her dream and about their powers. She also decided to learn more about magic, its rules and limitations, to avoid further harm to herself and others. The next morning, Ada and Robert went on a journey to find a master of magic who could teach them and guide them.

    When telling Chat about how Ada and Robert used swords in the car to kill monsters when Adam summoned them from the other realm:

    They then realized that their weapons are magical and must have been infused with magic from the realm. They then decided to find a way to stop the monsters and the one behind them, Adam.

    When telling Chat the flying monster was about to attack Ada and Robert in the museum:

    They quickly grab the swords and duck behind a nearby display case for cover. Ada holds her sword tightly, her heart racing as she realizes the monster is headed straight towards them. Robert pulls out his sword, ready to defend himself and Ada. The monster crashes through the window and begins to attack, but Ada and Robert work together to fend it off. With their combined skills and new swords, they are able to defeat the monster and escape the museum with the swords.

    Few messages before I told chat about the sword Ada liked, but cannot get to open the display:

    Ada tries to find a way to open the display but can’t find any buttons or levers. She looks around and notices a keypad near the display. She starts to enter different combinations, but nothing works. Robert joins her and they both start trying different combinations. They finally hit the right combination and the glass slowly rises. Ada takes the sword she liked and they quickly gather as many swords as they can carry. They hear the booming steps getting closer and closer, so they rush back to the entrance. Just as they step out of the museum, they see a huge monster emerging from one of the buildings. They quickly draw defensive magic circles to protect themselves, but they know they need to get back to the camp as soon as possible. They start running, swords in hand, back to the camp, hoping that their defensive magic will hold against the monster chasing them.

    When I told Chat that they plan to go to city to get swords, it had other idea than to go to museum:

    Ada and Robert enter the city, carefully making their way through the silent streets. They come across a store that sells swords and decide to take a closer look. They soon find themselves under attack by a group of monsters, but with their swords, they are able to fend them off. As they continue searching for weapons, they come across more monsters and fight them off. Finally, they find what they are looking for and gather as many swords as they can carry.

    When telling Chat about Adam and his knowledge and intentions, I put the idea of secret society standing behind Adam and his company:

    I see, so in this world, even though there is a secret society dedicated to the research and understanding of magic, not all members or even its leaders may have noble intentions. This creates an element of conflict and tension within the world. It’s interesting to have this dynamic between good and evil in the context of magic. Is there any specific conflict or event that takes place in this world due to Adam’s evil intentions and the power he wields through magic and the secret society?

    How the story can continue?

    Ada and Robert can continue to learn more about their powers and how to control them. They may encounter other magical beings and face new challenges as they continue to explore their abilities. They could also work together to uncover the mystery of why they have these powers and where they come from. Additionally, their relationship could develop as they navigate their experiences and emotions surrounding their abilities.

    Tell a story about Sofia:

    Sofia was a high school student when the monsters attacked her city. As she tried to find her family and friends, she quickly realized that the city was full of monsters and it was too dangerous to stay. She managed to escape to the countryside and there she found a group of survivors who were making a camp. They were a diverse group of people who had come together to protect each other from the monsters.

    Sofia joined the camp and learned how to fight the monsters. She made new friends, but she never stopped thinking about her family and friends back in the city. One day, she gathered a group of survivors and together they made a dangerous journey back to the city to look for her loved ones.

    Despite the risks, Sofia and her team found some of her family and friends, but the city was still full of monsters and it was too dangerous for them to stay. They had to escape back to the camp, but not without injury. Sofia was wounded, but she was able to heal with the help of the others in the camp.

    From that day on, Sofia became a leader in the camp, helping to protect and care for the survivors. She never lost hope of finding her remaining loved ones and making the city a safe place again.

    During one night, when Kasper was on patrol, a monster happened to sneak inside the camp and attacked Laura. Laura is Kasper’s little sister. He run to help her, killed the monster but was mortally wounded. Tell the story of attack and make it 700 words. (ok, that was a bit too long, could be shorter)

    During one peaceful night at the camp, Kasper was on patrol duty, making sure everyone was safe and protected from any potential danger. Suddenly, he heard a loud scream coming from one of the tents. Without a second thought, he quickly ran towards the source of the sound and found his little sister, Laura, being attacked by a monster that had somehow managed to sneak into the camp unnoticed.

    Kasper’s protective instincts kicked in and he immediately sprang into action, trying to fend off the monster and save his sister. He grabbed a nearby weapon, a sturdy machete, and started fighting the monster with all his might. Despite his bravery and determination, the monster was no ordinary creature and put up a tough fight. The creature was fast and agile, but Kasper was relentless. He swung his machete with precision, dodging the monster’s attacks and striking back with his own.

    The battle was intense and lasted for what felt like an eternity. Kasper’s sister was watching, cowering in fear, as her brother fought the monster with all his might. But despite his efforts, Kasper was no match for the monster. The monster managed to land a powerful strike that sent Kasper flying across the tent. Laura ran to her brother’s side, tears streaming down her face, as she tried to shake him awake. But Kasper was badly wounded, and there was nothing she could do to save him.

    Laura’s heart was shattered as she held her brother in her arms, watching as he took his last breaths. She couldn’t believe that this was happening, that her brother, her protector, was gone. The rest of the camp was quickly alerted to the attack, and they came running to see what had happened. They found Laura cradling Kasper’s lifeless body, and they were all heartbroken. They had lost one of their own, and it was a devastating blow to the small community.

    Despite their sadness, the camp had to press on. They couldn’t afford to lose another member, and they had to be vigilant in their efforts to keep everyone safe. They buried Kasper in a quiet ceremony, and Laura was inconsolable. She felt like she had lost a piece of herself with her brother’s passing. But she was determined to honor her brother’s memory, and to make sure that the camp was protected from any other potential attacks.

    Laura trained hard, learning how to fight and defend herself, and she eventually became one of the camp’s most skilled warriors. She was determined to be strong, not only for herself but also for her fallen brother. She knew that Kasper would have wanted her to be safe, and she was determined to make that a reality.

    Years passed, and the camp thrived, becoming a place of safety and security for all those who sought refuge from the monsters that roamed the world. And through it all, Laura remembered her brother, the brave warrior who had given his life to protect her, and she made sure that his legacy lived on.

    What happened after the dance:

    When Ada and Adam first danced together, there was an immediate spark between them. They were drawn to each other, but Ada couldn’t shake the feeling that something was not quite right about Adam. Despite her attraction to him, she felt an overwhelming urge to stay away from him.

    As the dance came to an end, Ada excused herself and quickly left the ballroom. Despite Adam’s attempts to pursue her and start a conversation, Ada kept her distance. She felt that something about Adam was dangerous and she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was evil.

    As the night went on, Ada tried to ignore her attraction to Adam, but she found it difficult to push him from her mind. Her intuition told her that she needed to stay away from him, but she couldn’t deny the pull she felt towards him.

    Finally, she made the decision to confront Adam and ask him about the strange feelings she was having. When she approached him, he seemed taken aback by her question. He told her that he felt the same way and that he couldn’t explain it either.

    Ada and Adam continued to talk and they both quickly realized that they had a deep understanding of magic and its workings. They spoke about their experiences and their understanding of the power they held within them.

    Despite this shared understanding, Ada still felt uneasy about Adam. She couldn’t shake the feeling that he was dangerous, and so she made the decision to distance herself from him.

    As she walked away from Adam, she knew that their paths would eventually cross again. But for now, she had to follow her intuition and stay away from the man she was falling for, as she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was evil.

    Poor Robert:

    Ada was torn between her love for Robert and her need to preserve her magical abilities. Robert had confessed his love for her, but Ada couldn’t return those feelings in full. She deeply cared for him, but her magic was her lifeline in the dangerous world they lived in and she couldn’t give that up.

    Robert was heartbroken when Ada explained the situation to him. He had always dreamed of having a life with Ada by his side, but he understood that her magic was important to her. Despite the pain it caused him, he supported her decision and tried to be there for her in any other way he could.

    Ada was grateful for Robert’s understanding, but she couldn’t help feeling guilty for breaking his heart. Every time she saw the sadness in his eyes, she wished she could make it go away. But she knew she had to stay true to herself and her magic, even if it meant sacrificing her own happiness and the love of someone she cared deeply for.

    Or what if Ada chose Robert?

    Ada had always known that her abilities with magic came with a price. She had learned at a young age that she needed to keep herself pure, to avoid using magic from draining her life force. But, despite her best efforts, she had fallen in love with Robert and soon after, she discovered that she was pregnant with their child.

    When she revealed the news to the survivor group, there were many questions and concerns about how a child would affect her magic. But Ada had a secret, one that she had kept hidden from even Robert. She had learned that there was a way to pass her powers onto her child, without sacrificing her own life force.

    She gathered the group together and explained to them what she had learned. She told them about the ancient magic spell, passed down through generations of magic users, that would allow her to transfer her powers to her child. She would still be able to use magic, but the child would be the one to hold the full extent of her powers.

    The group was skeptical, but Ada was determined to try. She performed the spell, holding her newborn baby close, and as she did, she could feel the power being transferred. When it was complete, she looked at her child, and saw the magic swirling in their eyes.

    The group was amazed and grateful, as Ada had given them a powerful weapon in the fight against the monsters. And as for Ada, she was content in knowing that her child would be able to protect themselves and the group, without having to sacrifice their own life force.

    From that day forward, the child became known as the “Child of Magic”, and the survivor group looked to them for guidance and protection. And Ada, now able to use her magic without fear of consequences, was proud to have made the sacrifice for the good of the group and the safety of her child.

    What if author entered the story?

    The survivors had been through a lot since the monsters attacked and destroyed civilization. They had formed a tight-knit community, relying on each other for support and protection. One day, they stumbled upon an old library. As they were exploring, they found a book. To their surprise, the book was a story about their own experiences, written by an author who had somehow been able to observe their journey.

    The group was shocked and fascinated. They immediately started asking questions. How could the author have known all the details? Was he a part of their group, or was he an outsider watching from afar?

    Just then, a figure emerged from the shadows. It was the author himself, a mysterious woman who introduced herself as the chronicler of their tale. She told the group that she was able to observe them because she had a special gift, the ability to see the future.

    The survivors were in awe of the author, asking her questions about their future and what was to come. The author smiled and told them that their future was in their hands, and that the story she wrote was only one possible outcome. She then disappeared into the shadows, leaving the group with a sense of wonder and a newfound appreciation for their own strength and resilience.

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