Rude awakening

The queen awakes!

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I’m just going to leave it here because I’m dead tired after my trip to Kagoshima. I can only say that it was great flying there, even just for the weekend, and seeing the volcano! Very exciting. I’m going to post some photos on Discord and Twitter.

Other than that, I started reading Empire of Exiles and so far so good? At least the 15% has me interested.

12 comments on “Rude awakening”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Awaken now, my red-haired queen,
    awaken to the glimmer, green.
    The magic coursed and caused her pain.
    You will not touch her, not again!

    Spot the symbol, fight the foe,
    spot the supposed helper’s glow.
    Without thinking, at a glance,
    Rob’s making the destruction dance.

    Just like claws, rips through the floor,
    no pain, no help, no nevermore.
    Be grateful woman, that my aim,
    only did the symbol maim.

    As screams fade and chicken calms,
    sweat’s still glistening on their palms.
    Awaken now, my red-haired queen.
    Hello, my dear. How have you been?

  2. Alex Reply

    Rob has gotten really good at magic, or else he might’ve hit Julia and/or Ada with that spell which is presumably the same as the one he used for cutting up tree trunks. Or maybe even the chicken if it was moving around randomly.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Hopefully just surprise from sudden spell sundering and not any lasting effects from having it disintegrated like that.
    Meanwhile the chicken: ‘Motherclucker!’

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