I’m still alive!

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I survived covid. It wasn’t so bad with all those vaccines I took, although I’m still coughing and getting short of breath, so that’s not cool. Especially not when you’re trying to lead a meeting. Hopefully it goes away soon.

What’s new… I think I’m mostly proud of finally figuring out the ending scene for the book I’m writing now haha I also attended a monthly Tokyo Writer’s Meetup today and got some positive feedback for my older draft and some more feedback for the entire thing and I’m super excited about fixing all the little things and making it all nice and shiny and sending it out to the world maybe in spring and… Yes, I’m excited. You can probably tell.

For reading, I picked up A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking and it’s ridiculous and I love it. Recommended for those who like bread and absurd humor. Also, you should see SPY x FAMILY if you haven’t and maybe read manga while you’re at it. Oh, I watched the Cyberpunk animation too? I thought it was good.

I think there will be a regular update next week despite Christmas. I’ll be working the entire week too – no time off for Jesus’ birthday in this pagan country – and I already missed a page last week.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas (if you celebrate)!!!


5 comments on “Something”

    • Matheus Reply

      Also, some symptoms will persist for some time, but you should be fine within a couple weeks. congratz on recovering 🙂

  1. Alex Reply

    Don’t worry, the freckles are much harder to miss than the “i” in “paints” back then. 😉

  2. Refugnic Reply

    You should rest, for her sake too.
    I know I should, but how?!
    After all that we’ve been through?!
    With how I’m feeling now…

    So close, her hand, but she is far…
    What happened on your journey?
    If I’d been stronger than they are,
    if I’d been on this gurney…

    Did something happen in the wild?
    Between the two of you?
    Just like a brother to a child,
    friends are far and few.

    Yes, no, maybe, I just don’t know,
    when have I ever known?!
    A kiss, a hug, in mornings glow,
    my love since then has grown.

    But now, she sleeps and just won’t wake,
    what matters what I’m feeling?!
    You should rest too, rest for her sake.
    for you too need some healing.

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