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Merry Christmas everyone!

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I hope you’re enjoying healthy, peaceful and very tasty holidays! I’m mostly catching up on the sun after being quarantined for so long. The weather is excellent in Tokyo so I’m stretching my legs and catching some serious vitamin D. We had a tiny two-people christmas dinner with my fiance and it’s almost time to get back to work, hah. Having no time off for christmas is a serious drawback of living in a pagan country. But oh well, can’t have everything I guess.

What else – I’ve been writing whenever possible and I’m almost done with the current draft. I won’t finish it before the year end like I hope but definitely shortly after. The book is currently at 110k words and full of drama haha Once that’s finished, I’ll sit down to the final round of fixes to the Mind Drummer (the second book I wrote). So much work ahead. I don’t even have any New Year’s resolutions because there’s no time to work on anything else apart from what I’m already doing. Well maybe if I stopped sleeping or going for walks, but then I would really just be sitting in front of a screen all day… Will I ever stop complaining about not having enough time? I think not!

I’m almost done with A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking and although the structure / pacing in this book is a bit weird to me, it’s definitely a delightful read. I really recommend it if you like silly stories. Another similar one that I recommended earlier this year is The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry. I fear this might be the last book I’ll finish this year! Goodreads claims I read 36 this year but some things (like beta-reading for friends) are not included and some books I dropped in the middle because they weren’t for me. 36 doesn’t sound so impressive, does it? I remember when my mom was reading obsessively one year and she went through a 100. I have no idea how she got the time, I already listen to audiobooks when I’m drawing! Still, I hope I’ll get to read a bunch of great books next year too.

8 comments on “Not yet”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    No vacancy in paradise,
    no room for me in heaven.
    Won’t look at me, no chance, no dice,
    I’m eighth in group of seven.

    No room for me, there never was,
    no point, no point in trying.
    My point in life, my very cause,
    my happiness’ now crying.

    I’ve tried to learn, I’ve tried to help,
    I’ve trained and trained so hard.
    Yet here I am, I cry and yelp,
    in pieces lies my heart.

    Trying hard, but he won’t look,
    I laugh, I fight, I dote.
    I want to be there, in his book,
    a lover worth the note.

    No, that’s wrong, I can’t give up,
    I’m not quite beaten yet.
    I’ll be his kitten, he: My pup.
    I shall repay my debt!

    • someone Reply

      There isn’t that much choice available around, though. Best bet would probably be if her and Kasper’s mutual annoyance at each other turned into romance, but that’s perhaps a bit too romance manga cliché…

  2. HKMaly Reply

    Definitely don’t give up. World is a dangerous place now. You can be in good position to console him when she dies. If you don’t die first.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    *Grins. Yeah not much options when your (guy) choices are, among known ones, Kaspar, Phillip, and (maybe) Stefen.

    ‘The book is currently at 110 words and full of drama.’ Lol short book.

  4. Alex Reply

    Reading 36 books in a year is very impressive. That’s about 1 book in 10 days. The only book I’ve read from start to finish this year is The Mind Drummer. 🙂 But I do read dozens of webcomics.

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