UPDATE: I got covid :’) Very likely there will be no page next week, sorry about that.


Aaaaaa it’s late and I haven’t written anything today yet!!!

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  1. Refugnic Reply

    As masses disperse, she makes her move,
    her love and her worth, she’s trying to prove.
    She keeps sneaking on closer, tipping on toes,
    but was not prepared, and once there she froze.

    Ada is sleeping, holding his hand,
    the look on his face ain’t that of a friend.
    Battered and bruised, looks worse for the wear,
    her heart breaks to pieces, this world isn’t fair.

    They speak of a village, of things yet to come,
    but there’s no salvation, where those two came from.
    No magic, no barrier, two churchmen instead,
    who pray for their safety, that’s what they said.

    ‘But now she must rest, for her to get better.’
    The things Sophie feels, might write in a letter.
    Farewell, my dear friends, and thanks for the aid,
    I thought I could win, but I never played.

    A village you say? Away from this place?
    Away from this pain, away from that face?
    That sounds pretty nice and really alluring,
    a way to escape, all that I’ve been enduring.

  2. C-R* Reply

    lol, seems she’s too hob-ed to think right.

    Anyways, huh, now that it came up, wonder if the abstinence thing was actually for the virgin/purity magic, but the meaning/words blurred over time till what it is today,

    • HKMaly Reply

      I’m pretty sure all the meddling into who and when has sex started to be sure which child is whose. Like, women usually knew which child is theirs, but men always had doubts …

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    As someone who has been through it, treated those with it and helped all recver here is a crash course in surviving the covid:

    -Get All family and significant others to have a PCR or rapid test to make sure you were not giving out bad Christmas presents. then Isolate. 14 days if can is maximum.
    -If vaccinated and booster juiced, great! That’s the first, largest step in reducing severity
    -Expect lots of fatigue, find ways to prevent it, diet, meditation and Lots of rest.
    -Full Stop on All. You won’t like the results of trying to hard while symptomatic if brain fog sets in anyway.
    -See if any job/government compensations available.
    -Loss of taste/smell may occur, takes about two to three weeks to come back, comes back slow.

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