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I’ll be brief because I took the vaccine booster in the morning and everything is starting to hurt. I’m still alive, mostly well, unhappy about both war and pandemic now. Both are preventing me from going back to Poland, so I have very selfish reasons to be upset. I’m trying not to look at the media because everyone is freaking out and sending me info regardless, and I don’t want to only think about people dying for pointless reasons.

So, let’s talk about something else. Like books. Books are nice.

I finished reading Daughter of the Moon Goddes and I probably won’t read the second volume (not available yet). People like this book a lot, the prose is beautiful and the themes refreshing (since it’s based on a Chinese myth), but I didn’t like the main character and the story didn’t grab me at all. Despite the interesting premise, all the events seemed disconnected, and the romance plot (which I can safely say is one of the main plots) was just off-putting to me. A matter of preference, apparently, since the reviews are very good. If you want something different with nice prose, it might be a book for you.

I’m also reading The Amber Crown but most of this book is just traveling through the mud. the setting is a bit more like medieval Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Romania…) so it might be interesting for some, but it’s also full of unnecessary sex scenes and discussions, pointless travel scenes and generally just drags for me. I’ll probably finish it because people say it’s great after 80% and I’m at 60. We shall see. The prose is so-so in this one. I think I got used to it, but it was the first book ever that made me thing that you actually CAN overdo it with the adjectives xD It either gets better later or I got used to it, not sure. At some point I stopped stumbling over sentences in which every noun had an -ly ending adjective, making everything rhyme.

Also, if you haven’t heard, Sanderson opened a Kickstarter for 4 new novels in 2023 (a surprise novel every quarter) and I have already thrown my money at him.

As for my own writing, I’ve restarted querying The Cleansed Ones and am working on the gamma version for the Mind Drummer. I kind of want to draw some illustrations for those books and set up a nice website where I can introduce the books and post updates and everything but… who has the time, eh! Editing is going slow as well, because I’m rewriting the beginning, but I feel like I’m learning a lot.

Thanks for reading and see you next week! 🙂

8 comments on “Friend candidate”

  1. JW Reply

    Would you like them for a friend?

    It’s probably preferable over having them as enemy.
    And they looks like they would bad at hiding ulterior motives. I mean, look em in the eye, and you can see right through them.

  2. killerog Camp dweller Reply

    Hi! (I take my discord responsibility very literally 😀 )

    Hmm, I agree with the previous comment that it might be better than being an enemy but they’re a bit too hands-on for my taste. Although it could be because they’re visually impaired.

  3. Sabreur Reply

    “Don’t be stubborn?” This guy clearly hasn’t been paying attention!

    On a more serious note, love the character design. The whole scene is beautiful with just the right level of surrealism.

  4. Alex Reply

    How many queries for The Cleansed Ones have you sent out so far and to which countries? Have you gotten any actual feedback outside of standard responses aside from that nonsensical USA-thing where they wanted you to add some polish cultural references because wokeness/identity and stuff?

    It’s interesting (but depressing) to see how competitive the book market is right now.

    But I am curious if we’re going to end up in a future where we’ll be flooded with stories that got help from tools like
    That thing is scarily good. Quite a few lines that thing generates still do sound weird and funny, but overall I am surprised at how far we’ve gotten already.

  5. Alex Reply

    It’s nice that we finally get to know more and more about the monsters that used to be just beasts that kept destroying earth for seemingly no reason. I hadn’t realized I was waiting for more info about the bad guys until we saw that flashback where Adam started it all, because there was always so much else going on.

  6. Refugnic Reply

    Friend or foe, just who can say,
    its ways and views seem warped.
    “Just this much keeps you at bay?”
    And here I thought you’re marked.

    “See, my ‘friend’ I do know ways,
    of magic you are lacking.
    Now please, my dear, look in my face,
    and we’ll send those fools packing.”

    “I’m doing fine,” is what I hear,
    but stubborn’s what I see.
    Comply or I will teach you fear,
    obey and set me free.

    I’m offering a chance today,
    an offer just for you.
    You can fight and you can pray,
    but friends like me are few.

    Don’t make me have come here in vain,
    so listen well or die.
    You will cry and writhe in pain,
    as limb from limb I pry.

    Now listen here, you demon filth,
    I said ‘I’m doing fine!’
    Unhand me now or become tilth!
    On fools like you, I dine!

  7. HKMaly Reply

    I’m not sure if I would want him as a friend, but I would definitely want him as information source.

  8. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    “Don’t be stubborn.” You have grabbed the wrong girl Mr. Alien Monster Seahorse dude.

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