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I actually have nothing super interesting to report! This month felt so short. I started coming to the office again and it really impacts my writing output… I will not be able to clear Nanowrimo this year, but I still made good progress on my next draft (fourth one since I decided to write 5 books in 5 years! time flies!). I haven’t made any plans for the end of the year. In Japan, we don’t get time off for Christmas and as of now  I don’t even have any plans to take time off. I guess I’ll just keep working normally until the end of the year and focus on the novel. Writing is damn hard… But between writing every day since 2020, reading books on craft and studying newly published titles, getting feedback wherever I can, finishing that writing workshop recently, I really feel like I’m improving. And that’s a wonderful feeling indeed!

I’ll just share the sunset I saw today – we went for a short trip to the ocean with my forever-fiance. It was good to unwind a little. Japan really has the best autumn weather!

8 comments on “No buts”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    A demon, like building grand,
    I swear it’s true, so says my friend,
    Oh really now, then pray do tell,
    where is this friend, to tell the tale?

    Afraid she can’t, for she’s long dead,
    but I yet live to tell you that.
    Little do these people know.
    “Where does our Sofia go?”

    They are not here, but maybe there,
    If need, I’ll find him anywhere.
    I need to hear what’s going on,
    I need to see that he’s not gone.

    A crowd of people and a guard.
    ‘Oh no, not him, not that old fart…’
    They’re dead tired, leave them be,
    or else I will make your flee!

    They’re both alive, they’ve got the swords,
    now leave, you sensational hordes!
    Oh come on and don’t be mean!
    Are they hurt, where have they been?!

    No buts, no please, I’m through with you!
    Now go, lest I find things to do!
    Moaning, bickering, but they leave,
    there’s nothing here we can achieve.

    Pfft, it’s fine, let’s let them sleep,
    I’m just being curious, not a creep.
    Did they bring anyone new?
    Rumors float, and not just few.

    In the shadows, Sophie lurks,
    she’s not yet done, them leaving works.
    Steady, stealthy, can’t be seen,
    by the old man Kasper, mean.

  2. Tooniator Reply

    There’s something funny about someone doing the Charlie Brown Hiding Behind the Tree thing while having hair and tail that eye-catching a color.

    • HKMaly Reply

      The point of hiding behind tree is to NOT be visible at all, so … it makes more sense than hiding behind bush, in which case eye-catching colors could really be a problem.

      … except it seems her tail is NOT completely behind the tree … 🙂

      • Doom Reply

        She is a cat. So long as the head is hidden, she is completely invisible. No matter how much of her you think you can see.

  3. alex Reply

    I wonder if Sofia currently meets the requirements to learn magic. I mean, if she wants to impress Rob then that might be the way to go. At least that’s what someone who can’t see inside his head might think.

    I also wonder if maybe the people can all see her but they’re like “Oh, Sofia is up to something again. Well, whatever, who cares?”.

  4. ABunchOTrees Reply

    Man, you’d REALLY think everyone here would be more concerned with finding food. Assuming everyone present has metabolism similar to a human’s, they all ought to have starved to death by now.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Food and water do not seem to be a very high priority in their camp, which only can mean one thing: They’ve still got enough stocked up.

      Wait until the normal stuff is all spoiled. That’s when the fun times start. 😉

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