A good thing

Sofia is done with all these new potential girlfriends Rob keeps bringing to the camp.

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I’ll be brief because I just got back from a meetup (I found a writers’ group in Tokyo! Very cool) and I’m tired. I haven’t been doing much past week except for writing and trying to survive at work, honestly. Still reading the Red rising saga, I’m somewhere in the middle of the third volume, wondering how the heck will this end. These books are such a wild ride.

Enjoy a little scene from Sofia’s perspective and happy turkey-time for those who are celebrating!

4 comments on “A good thing”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    You must believe and have some faith.
    Please take the wait in stride.
    All your worries, personal wraith,
    a little more, abide.

    And just then, heard people talking
    behold, the crew’s come back!
    They found another live one walking!
    But Sophie goes, ‘The heck?!’

    Another mouth, we need to feed!
    Another girl, I’ll bet!
    Another one I just don’t need,
    just yet another threat.

    “It’s a good thing!”, Laura calls,
    ‘Like hell it is…’, comes back.
    Don’t need no ladder, Kitten falls,
    and plans her next attack.

    Bandaids flutter through the air,
    the wounds, all but forgotten.
    It’s all part of this one’s flair,
    and her temper, rotten.

    Go and see whom they brought in,
    and find out who they are.
    A friend, a foe, a loss, a win?
    For Rob, this girl goes far.

    • Sleel Reply

      And those of us who know plaster is exactly no where in the make-up of band-aids do. Nor bandages, or anywhere really, except casts.

      I’m just wondering where the fuck they all come from. Some are gonna pretend they flew off her fingers. But then how the hell did they phase through her gloves.

      • Refugnic Reply

        The gloves are fingerless, as can be seen as she goes down the rope. So the bandaids are probably from her fingers after all.

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