Strange dreams

This scene is ending, and so is my weekend!

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I think it’s the first time we had three different locations on a single page! Very exciting. I hope you liked the Christmas party. Drawing stuff like this always makes me feel sad about how slow this medium is. By the time I show you what Adam meant to say you will all have forgotten about it. But it is what it is…

We have beautiful autumn here in Tokyo, 20C, sun, and colorful leaves! I went hiking yesterday and to stroll around the park today – it’s the best season. In Poland it’s always gloomy and rainy in November so it makes me appreciate Japan more than usual (although I’m normally very appreciative of being able to live here). My writing workshop has ended this week, but all the extra time will be spent on commute since I’ll be going to the office 3 times a week from now on. So sad… My morning writing time will suffer. Or my sleep. So far my draft has 75k words (adult fantasy is 100-120k) so still a bit more to go, and I hope to finish before the year ends. It’s going well, I’m learning a lot (first time doing 4-pov story!) and enjoying myself as I write it. It’s only annoying when I get into it too much and then can’t sleep because my brain is still writing haha

I finished the second volume of the Red Rising saga and BLOODY DAMN. These books are intense. I’m definitely reading the third volume. I also started this: Figuring because I don’t only read fantasy and really enjoy the Marginalian (same author!). I really recommend it if you feel like a weekly dose of art and philosophy is what your life is lacking. I love starting my Sundays with this newsletter. This is not an advertisement 😀

Brace yourself for some Sofia and see you next week!

7 comments on “Strange dreams”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Gauntlets-slapping challenge in a gaze. Hope that beastie sees some potential in her from this.

    Hehe yeah read that trilogy myself.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    With dagger glares, their ways do part,
    a skip, a jump, a step.
    ‘Take care, my dear, or you’ll fail hard…’
    This memory’s now a wrap.

    Unseen, unknown, one stands to watch,
    a ‘Hmm’, unheard by all.
    ‘This one, it seems, steps up a notch.
    She just might make him fall.’

    In the meantime, back at camp,
    girl’s patience’s running thin.
    No sign of them, or just your champ,
    your fight you just can’t win.

    I want to think, they’re being wary,
    of what goes bump at night.
    The city now is mighty scary,
    a constant fight or flight.

    And how exactly, Laura tell,
    shall these words make it better?
    We need to go, find if they fell!
    Do something bout this matter!

    Patience, girl, and still your heart,
    there’s nary you can do.
    Staying, helping, yet that’s smart,
    it’s not just about you.

    And even once the two come back,
    what do you think will change?
    This bond they’ve got, you will not crack,
    he’s just beyond your range.

  3. HKMaly Reply

    Three? I count four:
    * the party
    * Ada sleeping
    * that monster thing is likely in dreamscape
    * and the tower in camp

  4. Gonnhirrin Reply

    Some other webcomics will drop a link to the start of a scene when the payoff line is posted so the readers can go back.

  5. Matheus Reply

    Hmmm… I’m guessing, from that point, Faust already knew what was going to happen and he didn’t want Ada to get hurt. Is Ada what he wished for?

    • Refugnic Reply

      End the world to get the girl? Sure, Adam’s crazy, but I kinda doubt he’d go that far.
      Besides, from what I gathered, this was their first meeting ever. He might have seen her before, but to be that head over heels for anyone…I don’t know, it doesn’t seem like Adam.

      We don’t know why Adam chose to become Faust, but I don’t think ‘getting Ada to be into him’ is it.
      That’s the kinda excuse unsuccessful people with low self-esteem come up with. Adam is just about the polar opposite of that particular stereotype. My money’s still one him wanting ‘power’. The kind of power he cannot obtain otherwise. The power to actively change the world.

      Who knows, he might be a big fan of Thanos and surmised that the world cannot survive the constant expansion of (human) life, so, in order to save the world, he just had the demons slaughter everyone so the world can heal and start over.

  6. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    The party definitely was interesting. I don’t think we will forget that Adam wanted to tell an important piece of information or secret… but we might not find it straight away once we get back to it. We probably need to check all of Adam’s appearances anyway…

    Demon watching sleeping beauty. I love that you introduced this one, making the demons much less of a clear-cut enemy. Maybe they can strike a different deal with them once they start to understand this one. At least he doesn’t seem hostile at the moment. The question is whether he is interested in Ada for her own sake or for Adam’s sake.

    I wonder what Sofia did to get cut again…

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