Enough is enough

Really happy with how Robert looks on that first panel. For once, he’s kinda handsome.

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Not much to say this week, except this: going back to work after two weeks of vacation is hard; going back to the office after two years – even harder. I’m trying to keep my social anxiety at bay by pouring all my free time into the new book I’m writing and I almost have 70k words at this point! Looks like I might be able to finish this draft before the year ends. My writing course is almost done too and, all in all, I think it was worth it. I got some feedback, learned some new tricks, gained a lot of confidence haha It was good! If you’re curious, I did the Scifi-fantasy workshop from Gotham Writers. I might do another one next year. For now I want to focus on writing and try to apply what I’ve learned.

As for Replay – we’ll be jumping to a different scene on the next page!

6 comments on “Enough is enough”

  1. Jake Reply

    “Really happy with how Robert looks on that first panel. For once, he’s kinda handsome.”
    YES! Yes indeed, my exactly same first thought ^^

  2. Regis Earsquake Reply

    All of them are way better dressed than me and my colleagues at our christmas party. Like, way, way better

  3. Refugnic Reply

    The switch is made, say where’s your smile?
    All gone, without a trace…
    How dare this guy, spouts words so vile,
    and just look at his face!

    All smiles and laughter, as they dance…
    I hope I came in time.
    Don’t give this guy another glance,
    your frown warrants a crime!

    Say tell, you wanna kick his ass,
    and get fired in style?
    I think it’s time to give some sass,
    I could live with exile.

    No please, I am—I will be good,
    I’ll be—I’ll be just fine.
    I’m tired now, please if you would,
    I can still walk this line.

    Just need some rest, I’ve had enough,
    say, won’t you see me home?
    He thinks he’s smart, but ain’t so tough,
    …don’t want to leave alone.

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Was there supposed to be a ‘Me’ in his question to her or was he saying She should get fired in style?
    Can imagine her blushing the colour of her hair in the first panel at the sudden physical contact though.

    • MountainEucalyptus Reply

      I read it as an “us” not a “me” or a “you”: “Do you want to kick his ass and get [us] fired in style?”, i.e. offering backup if that was what she wanted to do

  5. HKMaly Reply

    I understand she was not comfortable with him but what he was saying was important … I wonder if she already realizes that or if that comes later.

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