A slow one

How often do have a chance to dance with your boss, right?

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I’ll be brief because I really want to do some drawing after posting the page! I’m still playing with traditional media and also going through some Domestika courses just to see different artists at work and so on. It’s pretty cool if you haven’t seen! Short and cheap courses are great haha I’m still doing the writing workshop too, although that one was far from cheap. Anyway, if you’re looking for a new hobby Domestika is pretty cool. I bought my forever-fiance a street photography course for his birthday a couple months back and he’s still taking pictures haha

So I recently finished reading Notorious Sorcerer and hated it. I’m not even going to say anything more. Great premise, great first chapter, and downhill from there for me. I can’t recommend and I’m disappointed. I started reading Against All Gods after that (not sure yet… I’m in 10% so we’ll see; there were some great scenes and some cringy ones) and listening to Red Rising (SO GOOD, haven’t read a book this well executed in a while). I’ve been also sharing some photos from Japan on Discord if you’d like to see and say hello 🙂

Well, I’ll get back to drawing now. And here’s my most recent creation (which killed 3 pens, btw):

11 comments on “A slow one”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Take my hand, and let me lead,
    the memory’s in splinters.
    Slowly does it, time’s a-fleet,
    of what were happy winters.

    You see, my dear, that blonde girl there,
    the one with surplus glee?
    I know, I know, it’s hardly fair,
    but thanks for saving me.

    Destroyed, demeaned, downright defeated,
    please don’t take it too hard.
    Her goal, so close, she feels mistreated,
    in pieces lays her heart.

    You play the game, some win, some loose,
    another day will come.
    Don’t fret to much, it’s just no use,
    there’s more where he came from.

    At very least, you’ve got a friend,
    who caught you, when you fell.
    Your ambitions were too grand,
    besides, ‘they’ won’t end well.

    So take your time, enjoy your dance,
    however long it lasts.
    Too bad for you, t’is no romance,
    t’is phantom of the past.

  2. jjjq Reply

    I suspect Adam’s “look how rude I am to every girl but you” isn’t gonna go over that well with Ada

  3. Alex Reply

    All the girls at this party we’ve seen so far look so cute and pleasant to talk to, except for Ada, and he’s going for her. XD
    I wonder what the blonde would be like if she didn’t talk to a high status man.

    • Refugnic Reply

      What, you don’t regularly go for the one that’s objectively the hardest to approach and who shows no interest in you whatsoever? 😉

      • Alex Reply

        I know I’m weird like that. 🙂
        But it gets even worse: At business festivities I don’t flirt at all. Crazy, right?

  4. Regis Earsquake Reply

    The green leaves against her red hair look amazing in the first panal. They did so befor, but this panal really sells them XD

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