Not a joke

Hmmm! Also, there will be no new page next week because I’m spending this week hiking and walking and very actively avoiding my computer so I won’t be drawing digitally. I didn’t even take the tablet with me.

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I am reading in the evenings but my last two picks weren’t good matches for me so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend. I dropped Against All Gods in 20%. It’s well written, but clearly not for me. I started Tinderbox because I thought it could be a comparison title for the book I’m drafting right now (you need those for the querying, to say that your book would be enjoyed by fans of XXX), but I’m not enjoying it so far either because of how much I’m told versus shown… Maybe I’ll just stick to Red Rising for the time being, heh… That one is excellent so far.

Well, enjoy the page and see you in two weeks! Hopefully I won’t get eaten by a bear somewhere in the woods.


3 comments on “Not a joke”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Awkward movements, as they dance,
    messed up feelings, missed out chance.
    Her thoughts run stray, over the place,
    looks all around, but not his face.

    You see, she’s not as she may seem,
    for her, you are like from a dream.
    She doesn’t know about your life.
    About your girlfriend, or your wife?

    A ‘wife’, you say? Don’t think me hard,
    but to me, she’s like a guard.
    But tell you what, she means quite little,
    the human nature, all too brittle.

    Enough of her, or Silvy-dear,
    for it is you, I’ve come for here.
    I’ve heard of rumors, whispers, looks,
    and they all say, you’re into books.

    And I mean not, some magazine,
    but ancient books, my little queen.
    Or maybe dreams, or tarot cards?
    Do you hold these in high regards?

    What’s this, you say, some twisted joke?!
    You know of times, that made me choke?!
    Unearthed the past I’ve left behind!
    Just let it rest, please would you mind?!

    Now, now, my dear, no need to fight,
    for I believe, you were quite right.
    For magic really does exist.
    Please keep on dancing, don’t resist.

    Answer me, what is your game?
    What is this nonsense that you claim?
    You say that magic does exist?
    And you would teach me, if we kissed?!

    None the likes, no games, no trance.
    The place I want is not your pants.
    But just imagine, think it through.
    Come with me, we’ll make it true.

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