A dance

Everyone knows you don’t dance before everyone gets too drunk to know any better, right?

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I realize that this is rather exaggerated, but I think Ada would react this way regardless and the blond lady just had her hopes and goals crushed so… why not. Adam’s reaction is the only reasonable one lol Anyway, we’ll be dancing! I guess everyone expected this, since it was mentioned in one of the earlier flashbacks haha…

Anyway, I’ll be quick since I just got back from a rather long hike and I’m dying to just sit down and read a book. Or fall asleep reading one, more like. I’m in the middle of Notorious Sorcerer — I like the world and the ideas there, the main character is quite endearing as well. If you want a messy misadventure with alchemy in the background, you might want to give it a try. It’s a debut from this year! I also finished Monsters Born and Made but that wasn’t a book for me… Very YA (meant for young-adult audience) with the typical to this genre tropes and pitfalls. I also don’t like tournament plots, and I tried this one only because the worldbuilding seemed interesting, but it wasn’t enough. I apparently dislike tournaments way too much lol

Also, we have a new Corporal! Thank you for supporting Replay, Onno! 

4 comments on “A dance”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Alas, he’s come, but not alone,
    now tell me, who is she?
    Your happiness, to pieces blown,
    their smiles, how could this be?

    Emptiness, oh heart of mine,
    it’s data overload!
    This day I was supposed to shine,
    but now, my world has slowed.

    Been waiting here, for all this time,
    attacked, from left and right.
    All prettied up, well in my prime,
    he never was quite bright.

    And from afar, a question comes,
    ‘Yeah sure, and just why not?’
    The blood runs loud, my heart like drums,
    my thoughts are in a knot.

    Wait, what?! What’s that?! What did you say?!
    ‘I’d like to dance with you!’
    Her minds’ a mess, don’t want to stay,
    but just cannot push trough.

    “Wait, what?! With her?! Why not with me?!”
    Or Cam, for what it’s worth!
    She’s made from ice, you’d better flee!
    And now she steals my mirth!

    And while he hopes, for more to gain,
    she seeks the man she knew.
    ‘I’m never gonna dance again,
    the way I danced, with you.’

  2. WingedKitsune Reply

    Could be one of the reason she’s insisted she didn’t want a relationship until recently?

  3. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Count yourself lucky, the last person who touched Ada unexpectedly still has broken fingers 😉

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