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My thoughts are with people of Ukraine but also with those Russian soldiers who die for a one man’s madness.

15 comments on “Disappointment”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    And suddenly, under the sea,
    her clothes reduced to wraps.
    Distressed, afraid, she’s right to be,
    he’s playing games, perhaps?

    Through tangled seaweed tries to flee,
    yet she can’t get away.
    The demons roam this realm free,
    she can’t keep them at bay.

    The barrier failed, her mind abducted,
    now look at you, I say!
    I bring no harm, as was instructed,
    thus I have come to play.

    I brought you here to test your skills,
    to see what you’re about.
    But now in this battle of wills,
    I will make you cry out.

    I’m disappointed, I’m appalled,
    how little you can do.
    The little queen you have been called,
    blame him for wanting you.

    He’s full of praise, say, did you know?
    He raised my expectations.
    But you can’t harness magic’s flow,
    just barely grasped foundations.

    This friend of yours, the chaos mage,
    now he’s a different story.
    Soon we will free him from his cage,
    and he will join our glory.

    But you? You’ll fade, my little queen,
    as soon as he gets bored.
    Give up, give in, don’t make a scene,
    can’t stand against our horde.

  2. Alex Reply

    What a beautiful scene. Not just because of Ada’s new outfit, but the underwater shot in general.

  3. David Reply

    “those Russian soldiers who die for a one man’s madness.” Meanwhile and long ago, JFK is remembered as a hero and did cuban missile crisis and bay of pigs invasion… cuba is 2x as far from core of US as Ukraine is from Russia core.

    Germany in 1991 recognised portions of Yugoslavia asking for independence thanks to nearly same percent referendum votes as Russia recognised eastern ukraine areas, the fallout was similar with Yugoslavia/Ukraine fighting against the separatists.

    Israel regularly launches attacks on Syria to destroy stuff like russian defensive (anti fighter jet) missile launchers, etc as part of “red line self defence”. US pays for 1/3 of Israeli military.

    Libya used to have one of highest womens rights in arab world (Kadafi’s elite bodyguard was all woman because they had most to lose if they lost him), now women can be legally raped, and woman who complains about rape may be thrown in prison as result. Egypt, Turkey and other sides now fight proxy wars in what is left of Libya after Obama/Biden intervention. Obama/Biden meanwhile did not care about human rights in Bahrain, Egypt, etc and instead helped central government stomp out rebels by funding and military aid decisions. The difference… Syria and Libya were friendly with russians so attacked, while anyone friendly with americans is defended despite horrible human rights abuses.

    To a large part, Putin is copying what other side did first. Russian and Chinese media will be as biased as ours but for their side. As a result, arms dealers make profits, rest of us suffer.

    • David Reply

      The eastern ukraine sides are very strongly mostly russian speaking, and have voted 90% in favor of russian as an official language, majority almost always favor pro russian leaders. There have been 2 coups by west to replace democratically elected pro russian ukrainian governments that became unpopular, there hasn’t been a coup to replace the pro west government that fell below 10% popularity, it got to finish its term. [Ukraine probably has more corruption than any other european country, both pro west and pro russian sides are corrupt and fall out of favor, as result ukraine is economic disaster needing bailouts]

      Western governments tend to try and stamp out russian language by their laws despite vast majority in east ukraine speaking russian mainly, eg recent law that says 90% of media must be ukraine and all government functions… this is what Putin is calling genocide… if similar policy was done by canada against quebec, the quebec people likely would go civil war and call it cultural genocide, canada had FLQ crisis over many times less.

      Not saying Putin is great guy, he is ruthless killer, but imo not much different than the rest of leaders in actions, he is copying cold war games played by US and allies (who do things like fund israel to do the assassinations for them) . Golden age of ISIS came after Obama/Biden intervention in Syria, which US did because Syria is russian ally. Most US aid to syrian rebels finally ended up in ISIS hands.

      • David Reply

        Cuban missile crisis, JFK first put missiles on USSR border in Turkey which provoked USSR to put missiles in Cuba which then lead to US depth bombing USSR subs in international waters which almost lead to a nuclear exchange (a single russian officer prevented the other 2 officers from launching nukes)

        Contrast to modern times, Russia has not put missiles on US border, eg Cuba. But US has pulled out of medium range missile treaty, and if ukraine joins nato there is good chance US missiles will go in Ukraine, which with modern stealth/cruise tech means very easy to launch “decapitation” strikes on russian leaders. Russia does not put nukes in other countries but “Under NATO nuclear weapons sharing, the United States has provided nuclear weapons for Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey to deploy and store.” That list could expand to have american nukes in ukraine only minutes from moscow.

        • Noyb Reply

          I think it’s an interesting coincidence that I am hearing about this Ukraine thing around the same time I find out that scientists studying the actual COVID virus discover that a piece of its genetic sequence was patented by Moderna back in 2016 and that the CEO sold a lot of his company stocks and deleted his Twitter account a few weeks before that.
          Anyway, I like that the demon has the tail features of a leafy sea dragon.

          • JW

            Lol. Yeah, sure, Moderna started a war in eastern Europe to distract us from the news that there’s a minuscule sliver of overlap between a nucleotide sequence they patented and the corona virus. (It’s just 19 nucleotides overlap between sequences of length 3.300 and 30.000. And considering genetic sequence have to be functional, you can’t treat them as random.)

            It’s about as interesting a coincidence as that the war started just a few weeks before our municipal elections will be held.

    • Refugnic Reply

      I will not claim to be politically well informed or a history buff, as such I will not even try to refute the claims you are making.
      However using force to make others do your bidding is always wrong, regardless of the nation doing it.

      I am not claiming that the western nations (and most notably the US) are without blame and I am well aware that history gets written by the winners, but the Cuba Crisis had many heroes, not just JFK. In my book, all the people involved in NOT launching those nuclear missiles are heroes and those can be found on either side of the ocean.

      Of course it would have been best if the crisis had never happened in the first place (just like it would have been best if the current crisis had never happened), but there’s no use crying over spilled milk.
      What’s most important now is, that the madness ends as quickly as possible before it escalates even more. Just like back in Cuba.

    • JW Reply

      I don’t think anyone should put much stock in referendums and elections that were almost certainly rigged. If independent observers aren’t allowed or are hindered from doing their job, then you can be pretty sure it’s just a sham.

      There really ought to be an internationally agreed and organized way to handle independence referendums. I’d feel a lot more confident about the results if it was organized and overseen by the UN, rather than by armed revolutionaries with a vested interest in getting their way no matter the cost.
      But I guess most big countries would be against this, because many of them have territories under their control (or claims on them) that would rather be free.

  4. Doom Reply

    I like Ada’s outfit. The contrast between dark skirt ribbons, pale freckled skin and fiery tail is very pretty!

  5. Dieſelmaus Reply

    Please don’t bother yourself about putin’s soldiers. They are the same as demons you drawing with one difference: they made their choise.
    Greatings from Kyïv, Ukraine.
    PS Don’t belive fake referendum bullshit.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Soldiers are just that. Soldiers. They follow orders. They are drilled to do so, blindly and without question. Those who do question them are lucky if they get put on trial instead of being shot right on the spot.

      Let’s not forget that they too are human. And let’s hope that they don’t forget that either.
      Because, especially for a soldier, it’s a short walk from ‘doing their part’ (misguided as that part may be)…and truly becoming a monster.

      Yes, they made a terrible choice in their lives. They chose to fight for their country.
      And now, sitting in the trenches, they may well question that choice if nothing else.
      At least I hope they do.

      • Dieselmaus Reply

        Well, think that humans are capable to do that [https://youtu.be/5rhACMdEl5M] [https;//youtu.be/QixouXobCA4] if you like. I’ll stick to my version about inhuman swamp monsters.
        And one more thing: “fight for their country”… Their country is russia. Why do they fight for it in Ukraine? Soldiers are to protect, not to invade or genicide. And they are free to disobey crime orders. Even russian laws sais so.

  6. Dieſelmaus Reply

    One of the best pages (if not THE BEST)! I can nearly feel that water! 😍

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