A toast

Isn’t this great? Networking is important in corporate world.

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So the vision/dream continues! And will continue for a bit longer. I hope you’re happy to see Adam/Faust as we don’t get to do that often. I like drawing him since he’s such an enigma.

As for me, I’m pretty busy with my writing workshop, trying to learn and polish by meager writing skills. I think I’m improving? The course is more an inspiration that source of knowledge but it definitely forces me to think about things I haven’t considered much before and I suppose that’s the point.

There’s a typhoon coming to Japan this weekend so it’s very stormy even in Tokyo. My fridge is full of frozen food, and I live in a very sturdy house, so please don’t worry about me if you’ve seen the news. Tokyo isn’t in any danger.

Well, see you next week and enjoy the page!


12 comments on “A toast”

  1. Sabreur Reply

    Ada has always been very direct, hasn’t she? “Sorry, but you just spent a lot of money on a dumpster fire. Good luck with that.”

  2. Refugnic Reply

    And with these words, the dance began.
    The name is Ada, not a fan.
    MED, but not much longer,
    your will is strong, but mine is stronger.

    The current board will be replaced,
    and all my work will go to waste,
    But here’s to you, my CEO.
    I’m not all talk, I’m not all show.

    Now, now, my dear, why be that harsh?
    The business world is like a marsh.
    Can’t get too far, by throwing away,
    the people who have found a way.

    So tell me then, you really read,
    every word the E-Mail said?
    Did I misjudge the current members?
    Fiery like you, or merely embers?

    In honesty, and no offense,
    booting us would make much sense.
    You bought us cheap, since we’re no better.
    And yes, I did read every letter.

    Now here’s to you, my red head lady,
    I’ll take a note, but I’m not shady.
    Come along your CEO.
    There’s something nice I wish to show…

  3. jjjq Reply

    yesssss. i have been waiting to learn more about ada and rob’s pre-apocalypse corporate life

  4. Thisguy Reply

    I mean, considering what happens in the corporate world, even if the current board is competent, it’s not unknown for new owners to replace everyone for their own reasons, so a fair worry.

  5. Regis Earsquake Reply

    Wait, Ada was a top manager? That might be the biggest bombshell up to this point.

  6. bh Reply

    In the first panel, when he says “pleased to make AN acquaintance” rather than the more usual “pleased to make YOUR acquaintance,” are we meant to take that as a hint about his character?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Ha! Good question. I definitely prefer it, but my preference probably comes from not being a native speaker. He’s not trying to send a message with this. But it does create that extra distance which I like.

  7. someone Reply

    “I had no plan to replace anyone since I’m gonna end civilization in a giant demon invasion that will genocide the entire human race anyway. It’d just be petty if the last thought these guys had before being eaten alive by a giant monster were spent worrying about finding a new job.”

  8. Matheus Reply

    So, NotImportant, do you have regrets for giving Ada freckles all over her body and having to draw them every single time yet?

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