Dreaming of christmas

Hush hush for now~

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Hello there! I hope you’re excited for the next scene because it’s a lot of people to draw and I already have regrets… But let’s get it over with. Company christmas party it is!

I finished reading Equinox and I think I can recommend it. I didn’t particularly like the ending but all in all I liked the story. For once it really felt “witchy” enough haha I feel like I’ve been searching for a properly spooky vibe for a while now. I’m also listening to The Monsters We Defy and I thought it would be a funny book but it’s more…. historical fantasy kind of thing? It’s okay so far. Aaaand I started a writing workshop! For 10 weeks! I’m very excited and hoping to learn a lot so keep your fingers crossed that it’s a good workshop and it will actually benefit my writing!

I went to the ocean yesterday, since it’s still very hot and sunny in Japan in September, and we walked along the beach and saw some great views. I got to play with hermit crabs too. It was very relaxing. Especially compared to hiking and running away from leeches last week, haha! Oh, and I drew a sketch for the book I’m querying right now (still unsuccessfully). Not sure when I’ll color it, if ever, but the sketch is still kind of cool so I’m sharing.


14 comments on “Dreaming of christmas”

    • Doom Reply

      Meeting the CEO with cookie crumbs on her face! I approve. (though he wasn’t the CEO at this point, as she met him before he gained that position)

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Without much more, the two are off,
    no word ’bout what you’ve seen?
    Smiling faces, where’s the scoff?
    ‘It’s normal where we’ve been.’

    ‘Stay safe’, she says, and gone they are.
    Seek shelter from the dark!
    Farewell, good strangers, don’t be far,
    these woods are not a park.

    Meanwhile, alas, our redhead dreams,
    of times that long since passed.
    Of times more peaceful, so it seems,
    but things happened so fast.

    Dressed up to please, with mistletoe,
    she’s waiting for her man.
    But then along, comes Mister Beau,
    to woo her, if he can.

    Hello, my pretty, what’s your name?
    I don’t think that we’ve met.
    In Christmas lights, let’s play a game.
    Alone? Well, don’t you fret.

    Caught well off guard and smeared with crumbs,
    her eyes, wide open blue.
    ‘Oh God,’ she thinks, ‘now here it comes.’
    ‘This better not be true!’

    In memory, of time long since,
    she now sees in her dreams.
    Adam appears like fairy’s prince,
    yet he’s not what he seems.

    The devil hides in handsome smiles,
    and pretties are his trophies.
    This is just one of many trials.
    ‘Hey, did you try the toffees?’

    • Alex Reply

      I meant Adam. With Ada you never know what’s going through her head even when you can literally see inside, like right now. 🙂

  2. Winged Kitsune Reply

    I really don’t like how she was eyeing those weapons in the last page.

    My thief detector is going off.

  3. Paradox Reply

    That sketch is awesome! One of those pictures that makes me want to create characters based on it…

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