Well well well… But what do you even do when you meet a person with an entire wheelbarrow of swords? In the woods?

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I hope you guys are doing okay. I had a rather rough week so the weekend was a welcome repose. I actually went hiking on Saturday because it’s not 35C anymore! Only 30C! So yeah, it was great to spend some time in the forest. I would have stayed longer but there were leeches all over the place, sadly, so we practically ran the entire way down after realizing that our shoes and socks are covered in the worms. First time I had to deal with leeches. I honestly thought they’re kinda like snails? They’re not like snails AT ALL. They’re fast and climb very well and will walk around on the ground and stick to your shoes to climb you and get to your skin. This was pretty intense, but me managed not to get bitten. I’m buying a spray for the next time.

Outside of that, I was working on a query letter for the second book that I’ll be throwing at the literary agents, probably sometime in February? I hired a retired literary agent to help me because I can’t seem to figure out what a good query letter is – the first book I wrote is getting only form rejections so far so nobody even wants to read the story. I guess it’s a perfect illustration of how terrible I am when it comes to marketing lol In any case – she helped me whip my query into shape (it’s very different than the first version) so I’m a bit hopeful. We’ll see. For now I’m still waiting for feedback from the gamma readers.

Oh, right, reading. I started Equinox. Not sure how I feel about it so far. Interesting concept but starts very slowly and it’s a dark detective type of story so definitely not something I usually read, but the blurb intrigued me. And I read (very quickly) Nettle & Bone and it was dark but cozy at the same time haha Very nice book! Extra nice because it features a chicken possessed by a demon.

3 comments on “Hmmm”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Trust, these days, is earned, not given,
    with ‘zero’ you two start.
    No matter by what you are driven,
    I just can’t see your heart.

    The help you give’s appreciated,
    and I’ll take all you’ll give.
    But this here meet, it feels ill-fated,
    we’ll split, so all may live.

    Hush, my dear, and take a look,
    at what these two are carrying.
    This is a strange thing in my book,
    these blades that they are ferrying.

    What would they even need these for?
    When bullets won’t do crap?
    When all encounters end in gore,
    and we can’t bridge the gap?

    Do they know something that we don’t?
    Or they you just delusional?
    Have mushrooms put them in a zone,
    where this is not unusual?

    I’d love to know the truths, the facts,
    but maybe we’ll just take,
    the blades they’ve gathered, artifacts,
    surrender! There’ll be cake.

  2. Matheus Reply

    So… either they can use magic too, or they firmly believe they will be safe while using those and will inevitably have a horrible death. Or I’ve just ruined the surprise and the story will follow a different path <3

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