The other village

No more mushrooms.

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How are you guys doing? The last week has been a blur for me. Really, I’m just trying to survive until the project at work ends at this point xD

I’ve been reading books, though. I finished Our Crooked Hearts but it was so-so up until the end. Nothing surprising, no twists, no unique stuff going on, but if you like witchy things then you might enjoy the book. It was well done, clearly a lot of work went into it, but I’ll definitely forget most of it soon enough. I read What Moves the Dead afterwards and that one is very short but it was pretty cool. I liked the mushrooms and the prose had this kind of nice whimsical touch that I enjoy. I picked up another story from the same author afterward and I’m in 50% already: Nettle & Bone. Honestly it feels like the first scene was much better than anything that came after but I’ll finish it, I’m curious about the ending and there’s a bunch of interesting and unusual things going on in the book.

And that’s about it, I suppose! I hope you have a good week ahead and thanks for reading!

12 comments on “The other village”

  1. Matheus Reply

    Thank you for skipping the whole conversation between them. I’ve seen some comics take weeks just on stuff like this.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Thank you both, it means a lot,
    to get her stomach out of its knot.
    It’s no trouble, glad to help,
    I’m just glad we heard your yelp.

    Now take this too, for just in case,
    so she won’t puke over the place.
    We’re glad to share, for all it’s worth,
    for we all share this common earth.

    But are you sure, won’t change your mind,
    and come with us, escape your bind?
    It’s getting dark and here’s not safe,
    the beasts don’t care whether you’re brave.

    It’s just not safe to go alone,
    far too much blood’s already flown.
    Now Anna, dear, no need to press it,
    he’s made his case, your urge, suppress it.

    Now, would you please show me your map?
    You see, we’re here, hardly a gap.
    If shit comes up, you’re welcome there.
    And your friend too, with flaming hair.

    Now let’s see here, aha, I see.
    So this is where you’d people flee.
    Now take good care and take this boon,
    maybe we’ll see you. Really soon.

  3. Nialith Private Reply

    I’ve watched way too much Walking Dead to think this will turn out well. Stranger danger.

  4. HKMaly Reply

    Soooo, suddenly there are multiple villages? Maybe it’s not so close to end of the world as we were led to believe …

  5. Alex Reply

    I totally thought that you accidentally posted next week’s update. First the new people greet Rob, then there seems to be a time-skip of a bunch of hours, after which Ada’s fever went down, and now they’re talking again. Are we in a flashback right now?

    • NotImportant Reply

      Haha sorry for the confusion! I wanted to skip the entire awkwardness of “who the hell are you” since it would be boring and take a month to draw… So there’s a bit of jumping. And no, this is not a flashback. Moving on, moving on…

  6. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    I really hope these are two genuinely friendly parties making contact. Feels like humanity can’t afford to fight amongst itself right now.

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