For once

Something good for once! Maybe! For the time being!

Anyway, I’m back from vacation and there are two more pages on Patreon (with HD resolution, no speech bubbles, and sketches to boot):

Next page:
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I rested a bit during my mini-vacation, but a week at work fixed that right up hahah… Anyway, I’m mostly working on the new book draft as of late and I’ll tell you guys that I found some online writing workshop that seems reasonable and signed up! So from September I’ll be studying writing supervised. Very exciting. At least I am excited and I hope I’ll learn lots. I’m planning to pause book writing during the 10 weeks of the workshop, so Replay shouldn’t be affected in any way.

From reading… I started Flames of Mira but I’m going to drop at 25%. You guys probably noticed that I don’t drop books even if I hate them but in this one the only character that was actually doing something has just died and I don’t feel like trudging through a plotless book any longer. Many people love it so clearly it’s just not for me. Another one I started and struggle to finish is Our Crooked Hearts – it’s an okay book, but I had high expectations and this story didn’t satisfy my craving for some dark, witchy, unique story. Everything in the book feels “standard” and “expected” and dead rabbits are not enough to hold my interest. I’ll finish it because it’s fairly short but if you’re looking for novelty this book doesn’t offer any and that was the disappointing thing for me. I honestly feel bad constantly complaining about books like this… I think I’m just falling for the marketing blurbs and then getting super disappointed.

Well, I hope you missed me a tiny bit and see you next week!

8 comments on “For once”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    And from the bushes, they emerge.
    Now look at that, it’s people!
    And not just yet another scourge,
    say, huntress, where’s your beagle?

    Caught off guard by friendly words,
    cat got your tongue or something?
    In the woods, you hear the birds,
    for once, some good, that’s one thing.

    At sundown then, the fever dies,
    thank goodness too, ’bout time.
    Someone above has heard your cries,
    relief after the grime.

    Some healthy care, is all she needs,
    some time to heal as well.
    And just who knows, where this one leads,
    love’s stronger than a spell.

    So rest assured and sleep some more,
    no longer you’re alone.
    So comfy is this forest floor,
    so gentle they have grown.

  2. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Friendly new peeps, oh thank goodness.

    (Scrolls down 2 comments “maybe they’re cannibals”)

    Great, now I’m worrying again.

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