The don’t get a break, but you do! I’m going on vacation and leaving my PC behind so I won’t be able to draw or write. I’m tired and need a bit of a reset. Replay will resume in two weeks but you can read two next pages on Patreon if you really really want to!

Next page:
Next next page:

And I gotta run! I still haven’t packed and it’s late already. Stay safe out there and thanks for reading Replay! πŸ™‚

Also, please don’t worry (I know that some of you will). Everyone gets tired sometimes. I’m completely fine and just need to recharge a bit!

8 comments on “Noises”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    The fire’s lit, the camp is set,
    what more can this man do?
    Despite his care, no change just yet,
    this hell these two’ve been through.

    Another stick, a lengthy sigh,
    I wished that you were here.
    From valleys low, to mountains high,
    your loss is what I fear.

    Just you wait, I’ll take you home,
    to where help might be found.
    A place where friendly faces roam…
    Behold! What is that sound?!

    A rustling noise from nearby shrubs.
    A friend may? A foe?!
    Maybe a bear, maybe its cubs?
    How much more blood must flow?

    But very well then, have at thee!
    I’ll fight unto my death!
    I will not run, I will not flee,
    will fight till my last breath!

    For I am now, her solemn knight,
    her life, her health, my duty.
    For her I’ll wade through demon blight,
    to save my sleeping beauty.

    • Refugnic Reply

      On that note, I am kinda hoping for that good ol’ comedic ‘Robert picks up the sword, ready to run it through any danger approaching and then it’s actually someone from the camp like Stefen, whom Robert almost gives a heart attack.’
      Though I guess Stefen wouldn’t be one to be flustered that easily, seeing how the demons don’t faze him.

      The soldier boys on the other hand…hah, wouldn’t it be great, if it was the Pizza guy from the intro?
      Payback is mine! πŸ˜€

      On another note: Hope you have a nice break.
      I for one will be here waiting for you to come back swinging. πŸ™‚

      • JW Reply

        If it were Stefen, he’d probably be unnoticeable thanks to his medallion. So I’m guessing it’s someone/something else.

  2. Sabreur Reply

    An ominous page! Here’s hoping the rustling is something innocuous.

    Also, enjoy your break!

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Merging break with action in comic that’s two Weeks of him stressed out about rustling for the non patreons.

  4. Alex Reply

    Oh no a cliffhanger right before your holidays! Just kidding, the tension is not actually all that high (yet). Have fun and rest well!

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