A deal

He isn’t heartless~

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I hope you had a good week, guys! I really needed to recharge this weekend so we spent a lot of time outside, walking around in this deadly heat. It was worth it, though. A trip to the ocean always relaxes me (even though it started pretty bad with Kamakura beach flooded with people). And now, since I’m dead tired after this much sun and wind, I’ll just eat something and collapse. Ahhh why is it Monday again tomorrow. WHY.


5 comments on “A deal”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Hands are shaken, deal is made,
    but does she even know…
    what it means to live by blade,
    she’d better take it slow.

    ‘If you want,’, is what he said,
    ‘I’ll train you, be my guest.’
    Better that than her being dead,
    is what inside he guessed.

    Now get on up, let’s find a knife,
    for you to call your own.
    To fight and to protect your life,
    now show me that you’ve grown.

    Ah yes, and so I won’t forget,
    you steal my stuff again,
    I’ll kick you out, you hear cadet?!
    And our deal’s down the drain.

    And do spare me your puppy eyes,
    I’ve got a little sister.
    She maybe fools the other guys,
    but that girl’s like a twister!

    From here on out, I’ll train your hard,
    until you can’t go on.
    So you will always be on guard,
    we’ll start the coming dawn.

  2. Matheus Reply

    It’s for moments like this that I vote on this comic on topwebcomics

  3. Azrael Reply

    Heck… now I’m all caught up…

    But dang, Ads on piperka.net surely never disappoint.

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