All out (almost)

Hey sorry for being a little late! We’re having a long weekend here in Japan and I always post a new page “at the end of my weekend” so it slipped my mind completely. But here it is!

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I’ll be quick because we want to go for a walk, but: the project at work that was making me stressed is done (and done excellently, I would say) so I should be more chill from now on. Hopefully. I’ve also finished reading Spinning Silver and I liked it although the ending was disappointing. I really hoped for a better crafted resolution to the problem of the entire book and the final battle was not satisfying. Anyway, it was an interesting read throughout so I can still recommend it. I’m still listening to Blood Scion but my feelings about this book haven’t changed and I’m actually struggling to finish it. Military x battle royale does not work for me as a trope and I don’t understand why you would force your recruits to kill one another when you can just send them all to the front to die (if you care so little). On multiple occasions the book describes violent episodes that could be just cut out with no harm to the rest of the story because they make so very little impact on the main character at this point. The book is violent for the sake of being violent so I’m not super inclined to continue reading… I also started In the Shadow of Lightning and the prolog made me cringe but everything since then seems nice? I’m not even in 20% but I’m curious what else the book has to offer.

And finally, I also had a pleasure to read a new fanfic from Refugnic! A short story about Kasper and Sofia, inspired by the current scene. Give it a read! It’s cute 😀 Thank you so much Refugnic! Read on deviantArt | Read on

As she groveled in the dirt before him, her resolve to find the long lost lover again waned. The soft morning sunlight filtered through his golden hair, accentuating the—
“You know that’s not how it happened at all, Laura,” Kasper reprimanded his little sister as she attempted to ‘explain’ what all the commotion at the perimeter was all about…

5 comments on “All out (almost)”

  1. SevenX77 Reply

    Sofia is precious. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be stuck in a world where all the skills you had in your day to day life don’t matter any more. She just wants to feel useful.

  2. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    Play to your strengths, you’re acrobatic, a fantastic climber, small, fast, agile, (sometimes) quiet. You’re be an incredible scout/lookout and I guess learning having some combat training with the light weapons that would mesh well with that would be very sensible indeed.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Don’t need no blade, don’t need no knife,
    got all the skills I need.
    To make it through this world of strife,
    to make his monsters bleed.

    The one I trust is her, not you,
    can’t trust you with my life.
    You cannot do the things we do,
    with or without knife.

    I’ve had enough of bein’ small,
    can’t cook, can’t fight, useless!
    Just like you, need to stand tall,
    not just a pretty dress!

    Train me Kasper, begging you,
    so I can stand on my own!
    Teach me, tell me, what do do?
    I can, that I have shown!

    I can’t do magic, that I know,
    but I just can’t stay down!
    Help me, Kasper, help me grow,
    and please don’t make me frown.

    I really do not want to die,
    but what else can I do?
    I’m sick of hiding, need to try,
    but options are so few.

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