An unbreakable wall

Sorry Sofia, but they’re totally fine without your help.

Next cute page with Sofia:
Next next cute page with Sofia:

And I gotta run to sleep! It’s pretty tough (busy?) at work lately, so I don’t want to be sleepy on top of being stressed out. Enjoy the page, and I’ll write a more reasonable update next week! I’ve been pouring all my free time into writing haha


9 comments on “An unbreakable wall”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Aren’t you worried?! They are late!
    They should have long been at our gate!
    Maybe so, but fathom that,
    they might enjoy the time they get.

    Maybe too, they’re just bein’ wary,
    you know, the world out there is scary.
    Maybe they’re tired, need a rest.
    Don’t you see what’s for the best?

    So stop assuming all those things,
    and wait to see what ‘morrow brings.
    And please, do try to stay alive.
    Don’t add yet more to all my strive.

    Cause as it were, you’ll only die.
    ‘I’m not!’ ‘You are! And Laura’ll cry!’
    Now scram along, got things to do.
    And for all it’s worth, same goes for you.

    Stupid Kasper, stupid man.
    I’ll show him yet, the things I can,
    and then he’ll be all sorry too.
    Well, sorry Soph’, that joke’s on you.

  2. Matheus Reply

    More like “they’d be WORSE with your help, Sofia.”

    Still waiting on her to become a major dual wield badass ninja later on, though.

  3. Alex Reply

    Down, Sofia! Be a good doggy and sit!

    Also I want to say that she’d need to wear more protective gear before heading out for a dangerous missing, but that would be less sexy and against demons it would also be useless.

    Her hunch was correct though, as Rob and Ada did get themselves into some really deep shit. I’m not sure about the timeline though. Is this happening after the night when Ada failed to teleport them home a few pages ago or the day(s) before that?

      • Alex Reply

        Thanks! Looks like her instincts are a lot sharper than the rest of her brain then, if she really thought she could help with that kind of equipment.

  4. JW Reply

    Oh, come on Kasper, she’s not trying to get herself killed. She’s just gonna get herself killed, without trying. Totally different thing.

  5. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    There’s been far too much “trying to get yourself killed” going on around here already without you jumping on the bandwagon thank you very much.

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