Burning bridges

New chapter starts! And you can read the two first pages on Patreon right away!

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New chapter starts! Very exciting! I’d love to hear what you’re hoping to see in the next year (or two), even though I already have all the scenes planned haha… Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt to know and I’m thrilled to hear your ideas and speculations.

As for me, I’m taking 3 days off to chill and go hiking. This will not impact Replay’s schedule. The weather is still slightly chilly here in Japan but plums started blooming already so walking around the city hunting for flowers is my new favorite pastime activity. Other than that, I finished the second volume of Six of Crows and liked the whole duology so add it to your list if you like heist stories and villains becoming the heroes! It’s pretty entertaining. I started The Amber Crown now and it’s a bit weird so far, but I’ll give it a chance. I’m 5% in so barely started.
My own writing is going well, I have sent 5 queries to the literary agents today so keep your fingers crossed! I’m working on the second novel – Mind Drummer – trying to polish it after the feedback I got from the beta readers. All in all people liked it, but I realized some things thanks to their comments and also learned a bit from analyzing Six of Crows (it has well built characters) so I’m hyped for making this book even better.

Well, I hope you’re doing good and staying healthy! See you next week!

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8 comments on “Burning bridges”

  1. jjh Reply

    looks like this is shaping up to be a pleasant chapter

    poor sofia … i wonder how she gets hurt. there seem to be scrapes all over her body, not just her hands.

    it looks like whatever happens, she still isn’t going to get the attention she wants and she’s down about it. I hope this doesn’t lead to her doing anything sabotaging or self-defeating!

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Sulking kitty, lost a fight?
    Just who did say that ‘Might makes right’?
    Worked yourself down to the bone,
    yet here you are, hurt and alone.

    Please tell me girl, what made you fall,
    for this one guy, dense as a wall?
    Who’s stuck in his own tunnel vision,
    who cannot stick to his decision.

    Like once the genies from the bottle,
    Ada calls, he heeds, full throttle.
    And in his wake, he fails to see,
    that there are more fish in the sea.

    But then again, you’re just the same,
    for you as well are in this game.
    Refuse to yield, refuse to sway,
    refuse to change your sights, your way.

    ‘It must be him!’ I hear you say,
    a desperate plea, as if you pray.
    And now, it’s you, who just won’t see,
    that there’s yet more fish in the sea.

    Okay, agreed, not all that many,
    where once were thousands, now there’s twenty,
    but tell me girl, why pick that fight?
    Cause well, you see, her might makes right.

  3. Doom Reply

    I notice a carving in the tree above our beautiful Sofa Cat’s head: a heart with S + R inside. Poor Sofia.
    I find my focus drawn to Ada’s hair and tail. So envious of her glorious fluff.

    • Alex Reply

      Nice job spotting it, I didn’t see it. I think it says S4R though, probably Sofia for Rob or something.

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