Not alone anymore

I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and check if my fiance is still breathing.

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I’m still reading the same books, so nothing new to report on that front but… I started writing the new one! It will be my fourth draft since I decided to seriously pursue writing back in 2020. And hell, it’s been tiring and frustrating at times but I feel like I’ve learned so much and wrote stories that I’m actually really proud of. I’m sure there will be more coming, even if no publishing house decides to buy them. I’m super excited about this next book and I’ll be going back to writing as soon as I post this comic page haha

I’ve been also trying to sketch more (“trying” is the keyword here) and realized that I’ve subconsciously banned myself from using physical mediums to draw. It’s crazy. Somehow, I managed to convince myself that since I do most of my art digitally, I shouldn’t use any pencils or markers or paints, because then the practice gets “wasted” in a way. I should be exercising my digital muscle instead! And so I didn’t sketch at all, because I don’t really like digital sketches visually. I tried a couple times, sketching Replay in different style, but it was never really all that fun. And then I bought a bunch of pens and decided that it’s both difficult and kind of fun. Now I’m looking at watercolors, hoping to mix the two and maybe pick up some urban sketching. Tokyo is beautiful! I love its little streets and houses! I know – there’s never enough time to do everything, but I’m hoping to get more into traditional drawing this year. And if you also have something you’ve been putting off for silly reasons… well, there’s no time like the present.

See you guys next week and thank you for reading Replay! 🙂

6 comments on “Not alone anymore”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    I’m scared, you see, to be alone!
    The thought is just too scary!
    Lost too many I have known,
    no more I want to bury!

    When I woke, the tent was empty.
    And you could not be found!
    The thoughts I had? Oh there were plenty.
    Thought you had run aground!

    That you had left me, gone for good!
    That death had come again!
    And lost I was, alone I stood,
    alone with all this pain.

    Nina, dear, now listen here,
    didn’t mean to cause you worry.
    But see? I’m fine! No need to fear,
    so please accept my ‘sorry’.

    …so what is it, this is about?
    A hero game you’re playing?
    Hunt the demons, wipe them out?
    What point is to your slaying?

    We are safe within the camp,
    the magic keeps them out.
    There is no need to be a champ,
    so stay with me, you lout!

    We’ll sit this out, I’m sure we can,
    no need for you to die.
    The storm will pass, yes, that’s my plan,
    so please don’t make me cry.

  2. someone Reply

    Both of them have short sleeves, so what’s happening with the long-sleeved arm in the fourth panel?

    • HKMaly Reply

      That’s not long-sleeved arm. That’s upper arm from one hand with fingers from the other holding the elbow.

      • Alex Reply

        It took me a while as well to realize that that panel shows Nina from behind.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    So Close to hand holding.

    Laura’s going to take one look at his shirt and make a fashion trend out of it. “‘Blood of the enemy!’ wards off future demon attacks!”

  4. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Come on Stefen, you can see that she cares and is deeply worried, also somewhat lost and/or lonely. And all your secrets won’t help anyone if a demon gets you…

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