Difficult questions

Say bye bye to your freedom, Stefen!

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How are you guys doing? I think I got over my jetlag this last week (I at least don’t feel sleepy all the time) so drawing the comic page was not such a big deal. I wish I had more time for drawing though. I’m trying to sketch with pens more, since I’ve never played with ink before, but I manage very little… Sometimes I feel like between working, drawing Replay, and writing, there’s just not enough time to actually meaningfully improve on either. And it’s a very sad thought.

I finally finished listening to A River Enchanted and overall I wasn’t charmed. It started really nicely and the writing is beautiful, but all the plots seemed extremely forced to me and many scenes fell flat and meaningless. Perhaps it just wasn’t a book for me. It’s a duology (the second volume is not published yet), but I don’t think I’ll continue this story. I picked up The Lost Dreamer but I have no idea what it will be about yet. The prose is weird, feels very repetitive, but maybe I’ll get over it as it continues. I’m also in the middle of The Bladed Faith and also haven’t fell in love, mostly because up to 30% of the book the main character was just training to become the most badass guy ever and between 30% and 50% nothing moved the plot forward. People say the ending was great, but I’m sure if I’ll have the patience. Sometimes I just can’t pick the right books… I feel like I’m only complaining recently, but there’s been titles I enjoyed in the last months so it seriously must have been just a bad choice with these. Still, take a look, those are all decent books and just failed to grab me. Maybe they’ll work for you!

As for my own writing (if anyone is interested) – I think I’m done with the outline and will start drafting next week. I’m a bit anxious. Well, I always am when I start a new story, but I want this one to be good. Hopefully I learned something while writing the previous three.

6 comments on “Difficult questions”

  1. Alex Reply

    Okay, so now Nina has orange eyes? Do gray next please. ^^

    Also, is Nina just squeezing her hands together or is she barely restraining her horniness? I so, then I hope Stefen is not an Anime protagonist.
    On the next page she should tell him she forgot her pants, without “i” this time.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Lol restrain her horniness? XDDD I didn’t even think about that. I briefly wondered if you guys will assume that she needs to pee hahaha

      • Alex Reply

        Hehe, your mind is not deep enough in the gutter to predict what I’m thinking.

        Also you established her as being so recklessly horny that Filip ended up leaving her over it, so of course this would be the first thing I’d think about when you’re doing a close-up of her crotch. 🙂

        I do predict that she’ll eventually go after Stefen once her “appetite” is restored though. I’m just not sure how quickly she can bounce back after trying to commit suicide, but I actually expect her to need a little more time than this. Hence she’s restraining her body.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    Why, oh why’d you leave me here?
    All alone, with all my fear?
    Why’d you have to pass the barrier?
    Does ‘dangerous life’ make you feel merrier?

    And all this blood, where is it from?
    Is it not yours? Don’t think me dumb!
    And while I’m at it, tell me right!
    How did we live back in that night?!

    How did they not tear us apart?
    When I was so close to your heart?
    And don’t you dare to lie to me!
    Only the truth will set you free.

    Now first thing’s first, I ain’t be lying.
    No, just deflect is what you’re trying.
    None of my business, yes well, I know!
    Without you I’d now be below.

    Regardless though, I must inquire.
    what kind of man I now admire.
    And to whom I might soon give,
    this heart of mine for while I live.

  3. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Is he going to spill the beans? Not going to lie, I am looking forward to this talk.

  4. Crestlinger Reply

    Well him telling her that they were saved by a magical amulet he himself doesn’t quite understand may require her going out with it and waving at the demons before it is actually believed….

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