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I’m back in Tokyo but dead tired haha Posting this early to make sure I don’t crash early and forget.

I read Someone You Can Build a Nest In on the plane and it’s a pretty unique book, cause it’s written from the perspective of a monster. I thought it would be full on whimsical and enjoyed the first chapter but it became quite tedious later on. Not sure about it… It has good ratings on goodreads and I was initially excited but after reading the entire thing I’m kind of disappointed.

My writing didn’t move in the last three weeks because of travel. Very sad.

Aaaand I updated the spellbook!


5 comments on “”

    • HKMaly Reply

      Yup, this seems as mixed result:
      1) Positive – His first working spell
      2) Positive – The spell actually works
      3) Negative – I don’t think they expected it will summon someone
      4) (Not yet sure but probably) …. Positive – It’s friendly

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Here you go, now copy this,
    and tell me what you feel.
    There’s no need, now have some bliss,
    and don’t jump off your reel.

    What do you m—! Wait, is this real?
    You tellin’ me it worked?!
    And that I’ve drawn a working seal?!
    He shouts, his eyes all perked.

    Congrats, my boy, you’ve done quite well,
    be welcome to my court.
    Now let me see this awesome spell,
    let’s hope it won’t fall short.

    To save Sofia from demise,
    and deal with infestation.
    I’ll bet it will be a surprise,
    and hopefully, salvation.

    Wait a minute, what is THAT?!
    What’s with this one eyed creature?!
    Ah yeah, that’s drifter, have a chat,
    you’ll find, he’s quite a feature.

    What’s wrong, you thought that magic’s free?
    That there’s no consequences?
    Surprise! I guess. He’s stuck to me.
    A bother to my senses.

  2. Just_IDD Reply

    Filip may have been experiencing some “performance anxiety” because he had originally stopped sleeping with his girlfriend leading to their eventual breakup because being sexually active means that you cannot be magically active in this world. He’s now been abstinent long enough for his magic to be effective.

    I have a suspicion that the reason why Ada and Robert are so powerful is because they were dating each other prior to the fall and we’re abstinent still during that period so they have a great deal of residual magical power due to that.

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