The knight

Come Filip, it’s your big moment!

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Well! I’m back from Seattle and not so sleepy anymore. I guess life is finally back to normal and there should be no more breaks in Replay (unless I get super sick or something). I’m also trying to get back to working on Historia’s third and final installment and my novel. I feel like this year has been very unproductive somehow, and it wasn’t from the lack of trying… All the stress and tiredness is mostly coming from work but I’m hoping that will stop now.

From reading… I started reading Cat’s Cradle because I was told that my whimsical novel (I shared some chapters with my Meetup group) is similar in voice to the author and damn, that was a serious compliment, this guy is good! It’s an older book, so it might feel weird to some, but I’m loving it so far and I’m in 25%. Apart from that, I’m still listening to Lady Henterman’s Wardrobe (from Maradaine series) but I switched to drawing the comics in the morning and I somehow end up listening to audiobooks less. I guess it’s hard to switch two habits at the same time. Will probably finish this book next week.

I hope you guys are doing good. I’m a bit excited because we’ll we wrapping up this chapter soon! It’s been quite long!

8 comments on “The knight”

  1. Jadaski Reply

    Poor guy, getting dissed by a magic ghost. He’s doing his best in a tough situation! No bulli

  2. JW Reply

    “Cat’s Cradle” is one of the books that finally set me on the road of reading books for fun.
    Interestingly, the number of phases of ice known to science is currently up to 19. None like the fabled ice-nine, though. Also, ice VIII and IX where discovered just a few years after Cat’s Cradle was published.

    Maybe I should read more classics…

  3. Rateus Camp dweller Reply

    A Knight can definitely beat a king, but only if he back him into a corner or has help from his friends and can manage to stand an L shape away ;-p

  4. bh Reply

    Ah, someone just discovering Vonnegut! I envy you. Lots of great times ahead of you. (I’m almost his age, so they’re way behind me, alas.)

  5. Refugnic Reply

    That poor pentacle, such a shame,
    so unrefined, and you’re to blame.
    You truly are no poet, no?
    So tell me then, who’s friend? Who’s foe?

    A silent touch, a nodding too.
    Okay, it’s time to pull this through.
    Can’t wimp out now, must make my stand,
    oh ghastly five eyes, lend a hand.

    Pick your target, say the words,
    and try to aim not for the birds.
    Your queen commands you, foolish knight,
    to best the king, to purge the blight.

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