Third pentacle of Jupiter

I figured I’d rather upload a page early than think about it tomorrow when I’m flying and stuff! Enjoy!

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I’m flying to Korea tomorrow and I’m not taking my tablet with me which means I won’t be drawing. It’s usually painful (no good desk to draw on) and honestly I’m so tired because of work that I’d rather have a little break and not stress about having to draw. I hope you guys survive!

I’ll probably share some photos on Discord if we see anything fun.

8 comments on “Third pentacle of Jupiter”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Scribbles in the dirt and circles in the sand,
    now be still here and witness, the fastest in the land.
    The pentacle of Jupiter, will see to end this fiend,
    the knowledge of this symbols, from others I have cleaned.

    So be a dear and copy,
    these drawings, don’t be sloppy,
    Be sure to save your man,
    because only you can.

    They are still out there fighting,
    with slashing, dodging, biting.
    Draw these and then do pray.
    that evil this will slay.

  2. DividesByZero Reply

    That is an odd naughts-and-crosses game. I assume naught took an extra move after cross won, in which case the placement was probably cross center, naught bottom, and then cross going down the right side with naught countering on the left until crosses won.

  3. Alex Reply

    An early upload, nice!

    Filip saying sorry is new. Looks like he is learning how to communicate with Ada (or in general). 🙂

  4. W. Reply

    one of the holy symbol is…
    an impossible match of morpion ? (both O and X won)

    • Tooniator Reply

      The impossibility of both sides winning is what causes the demons such damage. Any ordinary TTT board would be useless.

  5. Mark Reply

    This guy really doing tic-tac-toe during a demon exorcism? Buddy we don’t have time for this!

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