I love writing Filip.

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I probably made some typos on this page but I’m too tired to see them now haha… I had the writing meetup this weekend and we had lots of submissions so I spent 4 hours practically non-stop critiquing other people’s writing and listening to them critiquing mine. I’m reviewing the second draft of the absurd story with them and they’re quite enjoying it, but I still have some stuff I need to fix (I pack too much information up front and make things unnecessarily confusing…). Anyway, it was fun, it was useful, but I’m also quite tired.

From reading, I finished Nuclear War: A Scenario pretty quickly, but the book was actually quite short. It was interesting but I recommend it only if you can deal well with depressing things you cannot control. Otherwise stay away from that thing. I also finally finished The Shadow of the Gods but I can only recommend this book to fans of Norse mythology and such. It was well written, it’s clear the author has lots of experience, but I just can’t get invested in a book that’s just a nordic warrior slice of life and that’s how it felt. No goals and no plot for 2 of the 3 main characters. It’s slow. I picked up Sky’s End now from a friend’s recommendation (we shall see, I don’t really like YA recently) and Lady Henterman’s Wardrobe which is another volume of the Maradaine series. Should be light and entertaining. I read 10 books so far this year. Doesn’t sound like an achievement, eh?

What else. I’m going to go to Korea for a week for summer vacation (Golden Week in Japan) and I think I won’t take my tablet with me so I won’t be drawing. So there will be 1 week of a break in Replay, sorry about that. There might be one more in May since I’ll have to go to US for work and I usually don’t handle those trips well (and they’re very hectic) so I doubt I’ll do anything except from working and socializing with people from work. I don’t like going to US… Not being able to fly was one of the few blessings of the pandemic.

10 comments on “Brainstorming”

  1. Meoi Lasd Reply

    Hello again. Almost 3 years later… Wow. I have a bit of catching up to do. Sorry I have been gone so long. I may comment along the way, for what it’s worth, and maybe share a thought or two when I catch back up. Thank you so so much. Replay is just as beautiful as I remember. Oh, and congrats on joining katbox. It was a surprise to see your link on there.
    Hopefully I will stay up to date this year

    • NotImportant Reply

      Welcome back and have fun reading! I didn’t actually join Katbox, I only have a link exchange with them. There’s not enough readers to make Replay an official part of Katbox heh

  2. EnterTheNameHere Camp dweller Reply

    Scenarios involving Nuclear War are pretty short, thus short book… [sarcasm]

    BTW who is that guy in amber shirt, violety eyes and browny hair who is occupying Sofia right now?
    Story time relative I assume that is still happening at this moment and people ale bleeding, probably dead, with the amount of blood, while they are kinda chatty? It would be kinda funny to see Sofia in background doing nothing more that kinda dancing around freely with the knife as the thing possessing her while the guy is trying to hit her with sheathed sword.

  3. xthorgoldx Reply

    Regarding “Nuclear War: A Scenario” – I cannot strongly enough emphasize how it is a work of [i]fantasy[/i]. Ballistic missiles, ballistic missile defenses, and nuclear command and control [i]do not work[/i] the way the book portrays, even in worst-of-worst case scenarios. To me, it was deeply frustrating in that it not only treats readers as if they’re too dumb to appreciate the threat of nuclear war without it Hollywood exaggeration, but more so because it darn near [i]slanders[/i] the tens of thousands of folks whose entire lives revolve around preventing nuclear armageddon by implying that the scenario described is in any way plausible. A lot of the book’s technical background rests on “experts” who can [i]generously[/i] be described as “discredited, blacklisted grifters who will attach their name to anything that pays.”

    So, if you came away from it feeling particularly discouraged… well, you can probably treat it the same way you treat the nuclear war scenario in War Games. Nukes are horrible, awful things that are hanging over civilization’s head, but things aren’t quite THAT bad.

    • DavidJK Reply

      Real world scenario isn’t presented for politically correct reasons similar to why the newer Red Dawn movie features an attack by North Korea. Cuban missile crisis is example, USA puts nukes in Turkey, USSR tries to do same in Cuba, US starts depth charging USSR subs to force them to surface, comes down to one USSR officer defying the other 2 to prevent launch of nuke torpedo which could escalate.

      Real world scenarios could be part of gaza or ukraine war and offend someone so aren’t public, eg… middle east, someone anthrax attacks israel, hundred thousands dead, israel blames iran and kills hundreds of thousands with nuke, china and russia take side of arabs, and escalates.

      Or ukraine war starts getting nastier with wiping out of more infrastructure, starts involving US and western infrastructure similarly wiped out and ww3… lots of potential for mass produced drones by both sides in way that escalates into taking out power grids, transportation (by destroying refineries), etc.

    • Nialith Private Reply

      Have you read One Second After by William R. Forstchen? That seemed much more realistic to what would happen if a dirty bomb was exploded over a country. I enjoyed that one and really need to follow up on the two sequels to see how things turn out.

  4. Matheus Reply

    Hum… here’s a weird post: I like how you find the fine line between sexualizing or making Ada a prude when it comes to her natural movement and positioning. Most people just opt for one or the other, which actually bothers me. When you draw it, she just seems natural.

  5. Alex Reply

    I love reading Filip’s dialogue as well.
    Rather than learning magical squiggles he tries to change magic to become as blunt as him. If the prophet can’t come to the mountain, the mountain has to come to the prophet. The queen lets him into her court and he immediately rearranges the furniture to be more practical. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Refugnic Reply

    Those notes and squiggles…little sense.
    Needs to study, but time’s tense.
    Need a plan, a quick one too.
    Before that demon’s playtime’s through.

    No time to waste, it’s sink or swim,
    Go bold or bust, we must to win.
    Let’s ditch the squiggles, all of them,
    we’ll use the means from which they stem.

    What you say, they have a meaning?
    Filip, boy, why are you beaming?!
    This situations dire here!
    Think fast, act quick, failure to fear.

    Now go ahead, do it like this,
    and here and there, and pray for bliss.
    And some divine protection too.
    We’ll show that guy a trick or two.

    Hold on, wait what?! You go too fast!
    I can’t keep up, what will this blast?
    I need translations! What do these do?!
    This day, I’ll make that bastard rue.

    Now here and there, please do keep up,
    we gotta save your precious pup.
    The kitten too, that is our mission.
    For I am now a (mathe)magician!

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