Important memory 4

End of the flashback! And yay for Robert’s brain, which managed to unbury the memory after all. And I hope it’s clear now what Sofia’s feelings are, it became quite obvious why after thinking a moment she chose to run away, rather than face the guy who lost his job because of her. Because no matter what you say, one feels bad about making a mess like that, even if not on purpose.

From other news – Japan is great and it’s been a while since I’ve been away from the screen for so long hahaha~ Not much time for anything other than comics and sightseeing but that’s just perfect. If you want to see some rather poorly taken photos from my trip you can go here: Not sure how often I’ll throw something new but there are plenty of images from my previous trips as well.

I have also updated the vote incentive – new month has started and Replay is 18th now, lots of catching up to do! And if you go to the gallery you’ll notice I’ve added a Wallpapers section and put the new magnolias themed wallpaper there. I really need to draw something with Ada next time, Sofia has really been stealing the spotlight lately~!

Well, that’s all, see you next week!

29 comments on “Important memory 4”

  1. Refugnic Reply

    Interesting. I could’ve bet that it was Sofia remembering the events, what with the definitive focus being on her and her thoughts.

    I mean, I’m terrible with faces and stuff. And I mean really terrible. I remember events and little tidbits from arbitrary information, but next to never from a face.
    I guess Rob’s a bit different with that…or maybe it was Sofia running away in tears that triggered the memory?

    Also: Damn, that’s one menacing look on Rob’s face…enough to give people nightmares. I wouldn’t be surprised if that guy pissed his pants just there. 😀

    Great to hear that you’re enjoying Japan.
    Make the most of your stay, you hear? 😉

    • NotImportant Reply

      Thanks, I’m trying! And this flashback started with Sofia remembering the events, that’s correct, but I switched to Robert in the middle of things to show that he remembered as well.

  2. JW Reply

    And I hope it’s clear now what Sofia’s feelings are, it became quite obvious why after thinking a moment she chose to run away, rather than face the guy who lost his job because of her.

    Well, he quit his job; it’s not like he got fired (though he probably would have been if he hadn’t quit, after that outburst). And considering how awful the job was, I wouldn’t be surprised if Robert was a lot better off, in which case it’s a good thing. He might even be thankful for the wake-up call, though still embarrassed by the whole event.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Agreed! The only better option was him being more honest with himself and changing the job earlier if it was such a pain.

      • antrik Reply

        Quitting a bad job is more about guts than honesty. Many (most?) people do not really deceive themselves about hating their job — they just stick with it in spite of that, because they are to chicken to take the plunge…

  3. steve Reply

    oh god I hope he goes to talk to her. That bullshit feeling of guilt because of misunderstandings and anxiety is all to familiar.

    • Refugnic Reply

      Well, that’d be nice, however someone else is requiring his attention in the foreseeable future.

      Can’t you see? They are calling his name already. With a whole lot of ‘o’ to boot. That doesn’t bode well. 😉

  4. Adriano Reply


    Also, I like Robert's face on that last panel xD

    • JW Reply

      Oh, your feelings are definitely shared. Maybe not reciprocated, but definitely shared.

  5. Sabreur Reply

    Does it make me a horrible person for laughing at this? Because I totally laughed at this.

  6. Zero Reply

    Question is, how long before Ada sees this and says “yeah……no.”?

    • Refugnic Reply

      Just as soon as she somehow develops telepathic powers and thereby acquires the ability to read either Robert’s or Sofia’s mind.
      Or takes a really big hammer and crashes down the fourth wall to take a look at the pages, your choice. 😉

      Though I assume you’re talking about something else? 🙂

      • Zero Reply

        I actually just meant further attempts from Sofia at wooing Robert.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    I was so looking forward to seeing some corporate assholes get chopped a apart by a japanese machete……

    • NotImportant Reply

      Unfortunately (and extremely fortunately for the corporate assholes) that is from before Robert bought the swords~

    • SKy Reply

      “japanese machete”… I’ve got to remember that for the next rising of the katana cultists. xD

  8. Lukkai Reply

    (That’s a lot of photos.)

    Well, she more like freed him. So all is well, probably?

    And is that Ada in that last panel, trying to get his attention back to reality? Or maybe even Laura, having heard his name and still wanting him to come over? I guess the next page will tell.

  9. NotImportant Reply

    I am disappointed that no one noticed the pattern on Robert’s necktie..!

  10. Crestlinger Reply

    Every demon within the next square kilometer is Dead if he ever puts what he was feeling then into his blade now.

  11. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Very emotional, Sofia.
    And you won’t believe it, I only just now realised that Sofia and Robert nearly have the same eye colour.

  12. SotiCoto Reply

    Flashback Sofia : Good job protecting the glasses from tear-related stains. After the crying stops, remember to clean the lenses before re-equipping them.

    Present Sofia : WHERE ARE YOUR GLASSES?

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