Someone here is not thrilled about Robert’s sudden new interest ๏◡๏

What’s up everyone? It’s been quiet last week, did you get tired of Sofia’s adventures? Well, we’ll be stuck with Ada for a while, or maybe even until the chapter ends. We are slowly approaching the climax of this chapter, although with the current tempo it might as well happen in the winter, heh. I did quite a bit of travelling this week, visited Kawaguchiko yesterday (instead of the lake near Hakone, due to easier access) and even managed to see the famous pink moss blooming!

Ah! And I’ve finished reading Elantris! Those were enjoyable train rides, I loved the idea behind the book even though the main characters didn’t buy me.

I hope you still enjoy the comic. I made the pages slightly bigger, hopefully it’s for the better.
See you next week! (ノ・∀・)ノ

48 comments on “Recollection”

  1. Arcanist Lupus Reply

    If you like Elantris, Brandon’s other books are even better! You can find Warbreaker, his other stand-alone, for free on his website.

    • NotImportant Reply

      I started the Mistborn series today. And damn, I have to ask, does he have the oppressed peasants problem in all his books? ಠ_ಠ

      • Anonymous Astronaut Reply

        Seems like it, but not all. Technically there is also oppressed zombies. Who were once Angels/gods.

        • NotImportant Reply

          Not sure if upgrading peasants to zombie angels is comforting enough. But if I read more of his books (I probably will) and all of them will be about oppressed lower class I’ll challenge him to write a book without that motif.

          • nerddrgn

            Well Sanderson did finish the Wheel of Time series which isn’t really like that.

            Also, Stormlight, Steelheart, and The Rithmatist aren’t really like that.

          • NotImportant

            Phew! Good to hear that, I’ll need to switch to one of those after I’m done with the Mistborn series.

  2. Arker_1 Reply

    Uh oh, I sense relationship troubles in the next chapter…That’s never a good start

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Well, despite everything, Ada can pump up her own cute factor quite well, as illustrated in panel 3. I’m assuming this ‘patrol’ is for bolstering the morale of the remaining troops? Because I think if there were still any demons around, they’d know. (You know, with all the screaming and running.)

    Also, while ‘apologise’ isn’t exactly an incorrect spelling, it’s a British spelling. Which spelling scheme are you going for again? BE or AE? The AE alternative is ‘apologize’.

    Furthermore, as a little gimmick, why not use the metric system? If the story is located in Europe, it’d make sense for them to use the metric system, wouldn’t it?

    Also, glad to hear that you’re enjoying your vacation. 🙂

    Finally: Is it just me, or does that map look a little like the circuitry of an electric board of some sort?
    Meh, probably just my job rubbing off on my fantasy. 😛

    Have a nice week. 🙂

    • NotImportant Reply

      Yeah, as commander Dennis wanted they are going round the camp and calming people, trying to prevent the panic.

      I have learnt the British one, going to American here but the habit is too strong sometimes~ And I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to switch to meters, although it was never stated in the story itself that they are in Europe so there is no obligation to do so.

      And come on, she just marked the tents that way hahaha~!

      • antrik Reply

        Well, it’s never been stated explicitly — but the Polish names are somewhat of a hint IMHO 🙂

        I for my part would be using metric on principle. Take every occasion to remind those silly (U.S.) Americans that their archaic system of measures is *not* normal. (That indeed they are literally the last hold-out in the entire world…)

        I also use British spelling for somewhat similar reasons — though I’ll readily admit that this one is really just being fancy, rather than standing up for something meaningful 🙂 (Unlike with the measures, which *are* causing real trouble.)

        • Speedy Reply

          Oh, come on! We ‘Murricans love buying two complete sets of tools. (and yet, somehow never having the right set on hand)

          Don’t even get me started on how much we love throwing away money on such classic blunders as the $125,000,000 Mars Climate Orbiter! “Hello, Mars… AAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAA!!! … Goodbye, Mars.” Nice one, Lockheed Martin. “We never forget who we are working for.” Really? You were working for NASA. NASA had switched to the metric system years earlier.

  4. Zero Reply

    See the anger in panel 1, and how disheartened she is in panels 3 & 4? I can already tell that my prediction from last week was accurate. Just a matter of time, really.

  5. Adriano Reply

    Aw noooooo! She looks so sad!
    Poor Ada is going to have her love interest taken away! I wonder who’ll fill the place in her heart now? GO FAUST, GO! I CHOOSE YOU!

    • Refugnic Reply

      And you actually think she’s going to let that happen without putting up a fight?

      Right now she’s in ‘passive aggressive mode’, being all sad and ‘I’d rather have you come with me than talk with some other girl’ (men are generally terrible in subtext, so it’s likely that Robert doesn’t pick up on that one as quickly…but then again, I’ve been mistaken before).

      However, assuming that this doesn’t work, she’ll probably move on to subtly telling Sofia to leave Robert alone and, assuming that doesn’t work either, she’ll sooner or later force him to decide between her and Sofia…as it stands now, the scales would be in Ada’s favor, however, depending on how much bonding happens between ‘now’ and ‘then’ (and how each play their cards), the result of this ultimatum might just be undefined.

      Regarding Faust…from the current situation, I don’t quite see that happening. Stuff needs to happen first, the most important one being Ada getting isolated from Robert and the rest. Otherwise I doubt she’d give Faust the time of day.

      • Ping Reply

        If this weren’t a webcomic I’d say all this is a bit premature… Sofia and Robert have only met each other once before (and briefly, in that).

        • Refugnic Reply

          Yet they remembered each other.
          Plus, every relationship starts with a meeting, even the real life ones.

          Assuming that Ada keeps him at a distance, he may well divert his attention elsewhere.
          Furthermore, these are dangerous and difficult times, meaning that everything needs to be sped up a notch, simply because you never know whether you’ll get to see the next sunrise.

          I mean, it’s not like they are like: ‘Hey, I remember you, you were at that presentation. Know what, you’re cute, want to go find a tent?’
          THAT would be ‘a bit premature’. 😉

          • Adriano

            In the circumstances of “imminent death” as it is their situation, I wouldn’t find that premature xD but it wouldn’t be a serious relationship. More like a “give it a bang and that’s all”.

  6. Doom Reply

    More Ada! Yay!
    I love Ada. She is a beautiful woman who kills demons, dabbles in magic, and has a tail! I want to be like her!

        • Refugnic Reply

          I battled with myself whether I should say this, but then decided: And just why the heck not.

          For the looks and the hordes of obsessive idiots who will do most anything to get their hands on you and your tail.
          If you’re lucky, you end up in a laboratory, where some eggheads try to figure out how this peculiar mutation came to pass.
          If you’re unlucky, you end up as a trophy on the wall of some nutcase.

          So yeah…unless something happens and almost everyone sprouts them (making them not as special once more ;)), I wouldn’t want to be the odd one out. 😉

          • Doom

            True, unfortunately. As much as I’d like the tail itself, having one would undoubtedly result in me getting a lot more attention from the sort of people who never learned about consent and from unethical scientist types. Still want a nice fluffy tail, just also want improvements to humanity such that cosmetic differences are no longer widely seen as a problem.

          • JW

            If you’re lucky, you end up in a laboratory, where some eggheads try to figure out how this peculiar mutation came to pass.

            I doubt they’d need to keep you locked in a laboratory to figure that out. In any case, occasionally people [i]are[/i] born with something like a tail, just not a lovely fluffy fox tail. And typically it’s surgically removed soon after birth (because given the choice most people don’t want their children to have to grow up with a tail).

            If you’re unlucky, you end up as a trophy on the wall of some nutcase.

            I think that’s at best fractionally more likely with a tail than without.

            So yeah…unless something happens and almost everyone sprouts them (making them not as special once more ;))

            Perhaps not quite as special, but like a lovely head of hair, a lovely fluffy tail can be special even if everyone else has one.

            On that note, I really like the back of Ada’s head in that second to last panel. It really captures the awesomeness of her pony tail.

    • http://www./ Reply

      Airplanes and all kinds of armament will have to go years backward to be without electronic ignition or guidance or maybe non-electric, how about a fighter plane, WW2 era style and with a good old diesel engine. Diesel drone with mechanical gyro,timer and governor, remember the V1,V2 rockets, and farm engines with flywheel and mechanical governor. War at a slower pace hopefully.

  7. Micah Reply

    Just want to say that I think you captured Ada’s emotion almost perfectly! props!

    Also, interesting to hear what you’re reading. Never read it but I might give it a look. Keep us posted on any good books you stumble upon. I’ve still got a stack of “to read” but hopefully I’ll get through it soon, meaning I’ll need more then.

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh believe me, I’ve got a stack waiting for me as well. It feels so good to be able to read stuff without equations or code inside without feeling guilty about it, ugh! I’ll keep you guys posted since I’ve got many of suggestions from people here. And Elantris is definitely worth reading~!

      • Refugnic Reply

        I think just about everyone has a stack of books they’d like to read.

        The thing for me is, that I often have to pick either reading or writing (both are rather time consuming), and since I like to be the productive type…I stopped looking for interesting books, simply because I know I’d never see the end of it. 🙂

        People say that people who write are also avid readers…but apparently unlike other people, I also have a life to deal with. 😀

        • Lukkai Reply

          Mine’s next to my bed and half a meter high in two columns. Good part of it being manga tankobons though.

  8. Lukkai Reply

    Hm… That’s the Chūō Line and then change at Ōtsuki for the Fujikyuko private line, right? And the latter is accepting the Suica if Wikipedia doesn’t fail me. A good thing when coming from Tokyo.

    I still wouldn’t say it’s easier or much easier to reach than Lake Ashi, though that might also depend on where in Tokyo you’re residing. It however is most definitely worth a visit and going on my list for my next Japan holidays big time! Hope you were able to take photos there. You already have a number of very nice ones.

    • NotImportant Reply

      To be honest, I am not sure about the photos yet, didn’t have the time to check them hahaha, but the weather wasn’t too bad and I made plenty so I hope some will be good.

      And Kawaguchiko is very easy to reach by the highway bus, you can also make a reservation online for the round trip. It takes less than 2 hours to reach it from Shinjuku and views from the bus are really nice! All those small villages and rice fields…ah! Here is the bus webpage: and there is a small box somewhere bottom-right that says “reservation in foreign language” which makes things much easier.

      For Hakone the problem is that lake is kind of far from Odawara station. But you know… looking at it now they seem to have a bus from Shinjuku to the lake itself as well… Hmm! And it might be worth mentioning that the buses seem to be way cheaper than trains – less than 2000 yen for one way trip.

      • Lukkai Reply

        Didn’t think of the highway busses. I’m kind of a train person. And with a JR Railpass and Suica card (or Icoca in the Kyoto region), they really are easy and not very expensive to use.

        There’s both a train and a busline from Odawara station towards Hakone-Yumoto. There’s also a Romancecar that runs there from Shinjuku directly. From Hakone-Yumoto there are busses to Hakone Machi and the Hakone Checkpoint on Lake Ashi. And there are trains to Gōra with busses or a cable car and ropeway to Tōgendai on the other side of Lake Ashi.

        • NotImportant Reply

          I never buy the JR Railpass, I’ve been to Japan many times and never managed to travel enough for it to make sense. Apparently I stay too close to Tokyo usually. And Suica is very convenient, I agree. Highway buses are worth checking nevertheless, sure, you need to buy a ticket but it’s not like you’d use them daily anyway.
          I know about the busline from Odawara but that bus + train seemed longer time wise than the trip to Kawaguchiko. I kind of still hope that they will open Owakudani again… I’ve always seen it as the best thing to see in Hakone. I should have gone there earlier sighhhh…

          • Lukkai

            Will do as soon as I’ve got some more time, probably tomorrow.

            And yeah, for me and my brother, the Railpass made sense. Seeing as we not only changed from Tokyo to Kyoto after one week (and to Osaka Airport for the last night), but also included a number of trips, including Hakone, Hiroshima and traveling along the Kure line. It was worth it for us. But if you travel less or shorter distances, you’re clearly better of with the regional prepaid cards.

          • NotImportant

            Yup, we only went to Kyoto for the weekend, going back to Tokyo tomorrow. If new page is late that will be why! I left my laptop there and forgot to upload the thing before hand =_=’

          • Lukkai

            Checked the photos. Definitely two new places on our list for the next visit!

            Did I ever give you the link to our photos? Granted, it’s not an extensive gallery.

          • NotImportant

            No, well, if you did, I missed it completely. Please drop the link once again!

  9. Lukkai Reply

    Hehe. I also love that “Rawr” figure in the woods around the lower right corner of the map.

      • Refugnic Reply

        Seeing how the monsters just popped up in the middle of the camp (like daisies!), I don’t think the perimeter is doing all that much…but ah well, better to have a not very effective fence than having no fence at all, right? 🙂

        • Arker_1 Reply

          Naw man what matters is that it’s there
          Although tbh when I saw that I pretty much fell out of my seat

  10. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    Ok, now we know how tall Robert is: pretty tall. But that gives Ada a few centimetres, too.
    Can you tell us how short Ada is? And don’t you dare answer “pretty short” 😉 I would guess 5.1′, 5.3′ at most.

    If you feel like it, you could also add that info to the cast section. I mean, you added the blood type after all (for some reason I just might not know yet, because I haven’t read all of the current pages yet).

    • NotImportant Reply

      Oh! I really need to draw the height chart! That would be pretty cool! And I added the blood types for laughs since every anime / manga series adds those, it’s supposed to show the basic character traits 😉 Look it up!
      Ah, Ada’s about 5.1, pretty tiny!

  11. Klorix Camp dweller Reply

    I like how Ada(?) marked the forest at the bottom with an animal face and “RAWR!” to indicate the danger.

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