This is shaping up to be a memorable date indeed. Much drama.

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I’m struggling to find the time to do everything I want to do so I’m not going to write a lengthy note! I’m working on my novels and Historia apart from drawing Replay, but we went hiking this weekend and I’m behind all the stuff I was supposed to do. So yeah! Enjoy the drama, support Replay if you can, and see you guys next week!

8 comments on “Anything”

  1. Regis Earsquake Reply

    It won’t end like this… because you’re main characters and we need you to kick the big baddies ass.

    Having said that, the look of desperation on Ada’s face is really well drawn.

    • Regis Earsquake Reply

      I’ll really regret those words when he actually dies and the rest of the story is Ada on a revenge trip XD

        • Refugnic Reply

          Those are visions though.
          Quite possibly memories of an alternate past, where this encounter did not happen.
          As such, they do not necessecarilly need to come true.

          Relying on ‘But they were still alive in the vision’ may lead to unpleasant surprises down the road.
          Just like relying on ‘the armor of plot’ that has protected them thus far.

  2. Mister Reply

    “It can’t end like this!”

    … and yet it did.

    Roll Credits!


    ,,, seriously though, it can’t end like this.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    Its prey is down, now’s time for blood,
    a sucker this one is.
    No time to waste, must stem the flood,
    sucked dry does hold no bliss.

    Quick now, move, while it’s distracted,
    Rob’s demise may be your chance,
    don’t lie down, you’ll wish you’d acted,
    not quite over is this dance.

    Not the spells, no time for that,
    need something sharp instead.
    Quick, move quick, while it grows fat,
    Rob’s really looking bad.

    It cannot end, no, not like this,
    you say it like a plea.
    But yes it can, swift is death’s kiss,
    and none can really flee.

    Stuck beneath your faithful knight,
    away from all your tools.
    far away, the saving light,
    and you called them all fools.

    Please do not go, the risk’s too great,
    Kasper told you many times.
    So you see, you chose this fate,
    a victim to Faust’s many crimes.

    But you know, there’s still a way,
    a turn this thing to ashes,
    a chaos mage in great dismay,
    still good for some more flashes.

    Weakened yes, and might not live,
    but none to go down lightly.
    There’s still some more he has to give,
    alive, albeit just slightly.

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