Wrong move

That only made things worse, I’m afraid.

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I’m tired since we just got back from a little weekend trip, but I have some book updates to share. I finished the Gutter Prayer and even though the ending was a bit underwhelming, I enjoyed this book quite a bit! Watch out for small bugs – this book didn’t receive enough of editors’ love and I kept stumbling while reading even though I don’t normally notice typos and such. Shame, really, it’s a good story and the world-building was really rich in this one. I recommend it! I’ll read the second volume for sure.

The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind wasn’t that much of a joy. I’ll probably finish it (only a little bit left) but I thought it would be a funny story and it was, in fact, a mediocre thriller with questionably written characters. When someone endangers a bunch of their work colleagues by smuggling drugs in the company car and is described as “caring” and “always putting others first” I can’t help but wince. I’m not continuing this series and I can’t recommend it.

In my pursuit of funny reads, I started The Ruthless Lady’s Guide to Wizardry and, oh boy! Isn’t this one a joy! I’m in 30% or so, but this book is such a marvel. Who doesn’t like a dunce of a fire-witch trying to flirt her way into high society by wooing a female half-troll? While trying to catch a murderer? Together with an elderly necromancer lady on a revenge quest? Amazing. I love it so far.

Also, I’ll probably skip an update next week to take a little break. I planned a week-long vacation (to pretty much chill, work on my book, and eat good food in Sapporo) and I want to take a mental break from the comic as well. We’ll resume our struggles when I’m back 🙂

Anyway, enjoy Robert while you can.

7 comments on “Wrong move”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Hope they get some healing magic or at least healing time. Now would be Great for that teleport.

  2. Refugnic Reply

    I do recall well what I said,
    to take the sword and stab.
    But this poor hit calls rage instead,
    and raise its shoulder grab.

    On the upside, here’s a chance,
    for Ada is now free.
    Now’s not the time to risk a glance,
    it’s time to kill or flee!

    Though I do think, that we all know,
    that she won’t turn and run.
    So do act fast, cannot be slow,
    much more and he’ll be done.

    And then this beast will turn to you,
    might live, but he’ll be dead.
    Down to one, where once was two,
    the room now painted red.

    You might yet win, but still have lost,
    this one important friend.
    So tell me, can you pay this cost?
    Or does this mean the end?

  3. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Am I the only one to notice that sword hasn’t been enchanted yet and it can hurt a demon?

    • Refugnic Reply

      I don’t know, it kinda looks ‘hurt’ to me, what with the blood and screams and all that.
      The enchantment does, to my understanding, not ‘allow the blade to pierce the demon’s skin’, but much rather it seems to suppress the demon’s self-regeneration abilities, which, in turn, allows it to survive being riddled with bullets or other projectiles.

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