First bite

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Sorry for posting later than usual, I was editing my book the whole Sunday and lost track of time completely. But there are 8 chapters left (from 21) and my fiance said that the first chapters are good to go, so I’m hoping to throw this one at beta readers sometime soon. Exciting!

I worked on Historia last weekend as well, fishing out typos and broken sprites haha. That is less exciting since it’s polishing work. I’m not sure when we’ll release, actually. The tentative date is in December, since this is when Comiket happens, but I’m pretty sure we’ll be ready before that. We’ll see. Depends on how lazy we are with the remaining assets, I suppose. Because I’m of course adding new drawings as I go through the game now hahah

I’m still reading the Gutter Prayer, didn’t have much time for it this week. My fiance already finished it and was slightly disappointed. I’ll need to find out what is the disappointing bit since he doesn’t want to tell me (of course). I really don’t mind spoilers in books, but he doesn’t get it, sheesh. I also started The Girl Who Could Move Sh*t With Her Mind because I thought it would be a funny book, but it’s not really all that funny so far. I’m going to finish it anyway. Maybe it gets better later. For now, the plot has weird turns that are very unconvincing to me (the main girl’s best buddy broke up with his girlfriend and came to her and she rejected him with much sadness because they’d make such a good couple – wait, what? he just broke up with his girlfriend; send him home or something, how is this even under consideration?… + the main girl’s coworkers found a dead body and automatically assumed that she did it instead of suspecting that there are other people with powers like hers, now she’s on the run – oh, come on! She’s not THAT special, and when was she supposed to kill him? For what reason???).

Aaaaanyway. I still have an hour before work so I’m going to start editing the next chapter. You guys enjoy the new page! See you next week!

9 comments on “First bite”

  1. Zenanii Reply

    Welp, the way things are going, Rob and Ada’s arms will be nothing but scar tissue by the time they face Lewick

    • JW Reply

      Maybe they have some magical healing spells that don’t leave scars.

      On the other hand, Kasper looks pretty bad-ass with that scar across his face.

      • NotImportant Reply

        Maybe Robert will be more popular with the ladies with some sexy shoulder scars B)

        • JW Reply

          I think Robert has enough ladies he’s popular with as it is 😛
          Well, except with the one he wants, in the way he wants.

  2. Alex Reply

    The upcoming pages are so scary that even this website refuses to display the links. 🙂

    Also: First bite? Those look more ilke claws rather than teeth.

  3. Crestlinger Reply

    Oh look, now they have matching shoulder wounds to treat. Hopefully the +to AC of that jacket lessened Some of the damage.

  4. Winged Kitsune Reply

    Welp. Hope he enjoyed having full use of that shoulder while he had it. That’s likely muscle damage on top of tissue damage.

  5. Refugnic Reply

    And down at last, the winged beast,
    comes today, to have a feast.
    To the ground, escape the blast,
    but alas, this wound will last.

    Deep into flesh, might scratch a bone,
    for causing noise, you now atone.
    Saved the girl, but who’ll save you?
    This beast’s strong claws may run you through.

    Some fine last words, you spoke my friend,
    but this might be your glorious end.
    With none but her to tell the tale,
    we went and tried, and then we failed.

    But fear not, friend, won’t be forgotten,
    your loss sows hatred, foul and rotten,
    fuel for all who held you dear,
    for demonkind will soon know fear.

    Unless of course, there’s one last thing,
    a blade, a spell, a dagger’s swing?
    Not quite down and out just yet,
    it’s just a chance you need to get.

    So ‘lo, behold, the mighty roar,
    and please recall, what he fought for,
    Take heed ye mighty, and despair,
    for there is mayhem in the air.

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