Time to go

That wasn’t the best idea in the world. But he’s not the first one to mess up while trying to impress. Ooops.

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My vaccine wasn’t so bad! I only got a mild fever for one day and a sore arm. My fiance got slammed with a 38.6C fever but recovered after 24 hours as well. So we’re both okay and finally double-vaccinated! Yeeeey!

I’m working on my novel and on Historia. For the first one, I’m doing a…. third? I think it’s third. Third revision to prepare it for the beta readers. It’ll probably take me a month or so before it’s ready. I don’t have much time for writing between work, Replay, and Historia. But it’s moving forward! And I’m hoping to start drafting the next one in September. I’ll be trying to write a funny book. We’ll see for that goes lol

For Historia – I’m still wrapping up some missing graphics, adding little touchups, changing the sprites, and so on. I really want to be done with it already, but on the other hand, the need to polish it more is real. So I’m still working on it a bit.

I’ve finished reading the Hall of Smoke and was not amazed. The plot didn’t engage me. The final scenes made me question lots of things. I don’t think I’ll grab another volume. The book is well written, and if you like gods vs mortals stories then you might enjoy it. It didn’t click for me. I’m reading The Gutter  Prayer now, I’m in 20% or so and the world is pretty rich and interesting. Not sure about the characters or the plot yet, we’ll see. I need some funny books after that, to get into the mood for my next draft. Being funny is hard. I don’t think I can do it well. It’ll be a struggle.

4 comments on “Time to go”

  1. Crestlinger Reply

    Whew author and related won’t die from covid when it goes Sigma Strain and all the robotics become infected, (heh Megaman X joke for those who need to know). The irony of the glass cannon ritual caster getting glassed is noted. Also yes, Do clean up the bloodstain and scent they will use to track you with.

  2. HKMaly Reply

    Cleaning the blood is good idea but this is not how to do it.

    He’s not the first one to mess up while trying to impress and he’s not the last. I mean, we can reasonably assume those two are currently not last people on Earth. Yet.

    Also, good news about you raising probability of your survival.

  3. Refugnic Reply

    You skipped some things, as it appears,
    for this display, you get no cheers.
    but scowl and sneers, she’s not content,
    does not care about how well you’ve meant.

    Your arm is hurt! Just leave it be!
    We must escape the killing spree.
    From the horde that will soon come,
    pick up the pace, don’t be so glum.

    I’m sorry, please, take my dismay.
    No time for that, no more delay.
    We must be off, so do shut up.
    And don’t look down like a wet pup.

    And please, my friend, learn to control,
    this power or just play your role.
    Be my knight and nothing more.
    For magic you were not born for.

    I’m not angry, do not fret.
    And really, Rob, it’s not so bad.
    So why throw down my teacher’s name?
    If you don’t think, she is to blame?

    Just give me time, another chance,
    we’ll ask the demons for a dance.
    And then you’ll see what I can do.
    This, at least, I promise you.

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